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                                    GIL MARK GUYOS (163)Reading Summary(Authorship of the gospel of Mark)The author of this readings states that the title “the gospel according to Mark” was attributed to the author MARK. There are controversies in relation to whose Mark is the author of the Gospel. The name Mark/ Marcus is one of the common names in the ancient world. There are presumptions that the author could be Roman citizen or slaves but then contrary to this challenge the responses include “no Roman citizen would be known by his “PRAENOMEN” or ancient roman’s first or personal name. The possibly that Mark whom they used to be with during their missionary journey could be Mark who writes the gospel because of how Paul mentioned Mark in the epistles. The author also mentioned several testimonies about the authorship of the gospel. One is the evidence of Papias, the author added that if Papias writes 101-108 then the chain of tradition could be the apostles, those who heard the apostles and Papias. Eusebius record shows Papias report from the elder presumably the apostles John, Mark, and Matthew to support his vies regarding apostolic succession. The holy succession of the sacred apostles. Papias also connects Mark to Peter as interpreter since Mark is considered as an interpreter of Peter and since Peter lived in Galilee and Peter lived with Jesus then Mark can write a lot about the life of Jesus. Another is ancient testimonies this was claimed by Justin Martyr which gives emphasis “his memoirs” in Mark 3:16-17 which claimed to refer to Peter memoirs about Jesus which Mark writes. The author also discusses the arguments regarding Mark’s connection to Peter this that Petrine connection has not been practice as basic premise another is a Petrine connection from external evidence tends to be subjective others also point out that Peter is a typical discipler to Mark rather than personal. Part of this chapter 1 is that the author discusses the providence and date of the gospel. Underneath this title is the author’s discussion about the possible audience Mark’s letter this includes: an audience acquainted with persecution, gentile audience, the audience familiar with scripture and gospel story. In the same chapter, the author proposes various arguments of where this gospel was written. In the entitled Dating: Before or after AD 70 the author states that most scholars assume that the gospel of Mark was possibly written before, during and shortly after the trauma of the Jewish war against Rome that led to temple destruction. Part of this reading it was stated that Incegeneri argues that the gospel was written in AD 71 after the ceremonial victory commemoration of Titus and Vespasian in Rome. If somebody argues that it was written after AD 70, before the death of Peter and Paul in the city of Rome and before the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70, so presumptively this was written around AD 68 or before. In this portion, the author has no direct conclusion on the matter of when the gospel of Mark was written.