Glen Turner, 2014, p.6). GCA presently operate in

Glen Carter & Associates
(GCA) could potentially use Porter’s Five Forces, which “examines the business
domain or industry within which an organisation operates, and identifies the
business pressures that may be brought to bear upon that organisation” (Cadle, Paul, & Turner, 2014, p.6). GCA presently operate in a market
with a high threat of substitutes suggesting it is even more important for the
company to be effective; substitutes currently attract business through their
website with little difficulty whereas GCA’s website drives little or no business
towards the company as it is simple and has little functionality. Therefore,
consumers may prefer to choose a competitor over GCA as it would be easier for
customers to use their services. Not only does a simple website lose customers
but it also creates cost such as maintaining the site. This implies the website
is an ineffective resource for GCA as it is not providing any benefit towards
the company. Therefore, in order to match the threat of substitutes GCA could
potentially revamp their website to provide a functionality where it allows
consumers to see what the company does and the website should allow the
consumer to purchase their service directly through their site. A website
should be used to provide a marketing advantage as it allows businesses to
reach a wider consumer base, which creates a scope for expanding.

Porters Five Forces tool gives
many advantages as not only does it allow the company to assess the threat of
substitutes but it also focuses on the suppliers, buyers and new entrants which
can benefit GCA to be more effective as they can assess where they will need to
improve to reduce threat from such areas. In addition, looking at new entrants
recently several large competitors have entered the market, which has a
negative impact on GCA as larger companies have begun to undercut their prices
e.g. LearnTech chain have opened training centres due to the fact they have a
strong national reputation. Therefore, it is crucial that Glen and his team are
working efficiently as in order to beat competitors GCA will need to offer
exemptional services to their clients. Referring to idea that competitors that
are opening more training centres such as learn tech, it may possibly be more
effective if GCA buy a new premise where there is more space as currently if
the company doesn’t have reasonable space for clients they have to lease which
can be costly and time consuming to find as well as setting up the premise.
However, if they had a bigger premise it would allow them to take on more
clients without having to worry about space. 

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