GOAL I.D: C0718709 Where am I now? At


Name: Anoop
Reddy Rikkala                                                   Student
I.D: C0718709

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Where am I now?

At present I
am in a second semester of financial planning and wealth management, where I am
learning the technical skills and subject about the Canadian banking and
financial budgeting works in Canada. With the help of co-op subject, I am also
learning the steps how to build my profile and gaining soft skills which helps
in getting a job after my co-op term.


End (Co-op) – Where do I want to be
at the beginning of my work term?

completing my co-op term or at the beginning of my work term I want to get
placed in any of the top companies or banks as a financial consultant or
investor advisors where I can satisfy and enjoy the work.

How can I get there (identify Goals
with points on how you will achieve them?)


1.Goal:  eligibility for co-op

·       To eligible for co-op I need to acquire
minimum GPA of 2.8

·       I need to do well in the second
semester to get good GPA

·       Passing all subjects before start of
third semester



2.Technical skills:

 I must have the knowledge about what a
financial analyst or investing advisor needed

1.     Accounting skills

2.     Technological expertise

3.     Interpretive thoughts  


3.Personal skills:

1.     great correspondence, relational and
listening skills.

2.     Must have the ability to clarify
complex data clear.

3.     capacity to build and maintain Relationship
with the customers.


4.Certified Financial planner:

·       To become financial analyst or
investing advisor i must complete certified financial planner course.

·        By completing CFP course, I can gain more
knowledge and can get a good job.   


5.Preparation for co-op: in these goals I can prepare me

1.     Resume and cover letter

2.     Updating my profile in linked.in to
get a job

3.     Attending mock interviews which
boosts my confidence 


6.Searching for a job:  

1.     Applying for a job in several

2.     Updating my profile in many sources
like websites

3.      Interacting with the companies


7.Applying for Permanent Residency:

·       After getting a desired job, I need
to get a higher position in my company which may help me   applying for Permanent Residency in Canada.
Getting PR is the most important goal.

·       After getting PR I can apply for the
citizenship of Canada.










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