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Google Search console, formerly known as Google Web master tool. Inlayman’s language Search Console is free tool from Google, helps us todiagnose the health of a website and also analyze how website isperforming on search engines.Assume that you have launched a new website, but howwill you display this on SERP, how will you monitor and maintain your site’sperformance on search results? Here comes Search Console, where youonce you add and verify your site, Search Console ensures Google hasaccess to your content, you can submit new content to crawl, provides anoption to remove old content and monitor and resolve spam issues, so yoursite stays clean.Adding Site in Google Search console: If you are new to Search console,first you need to Register yourself in Search Console and then Add andVerify your website in Search Console. Once you add your site in searchconsole, you can view your sites performance in detail.Adding a site to Search console is a simple process.Once you are logged in to Search console, towards your right you will see a”Add Property” button, next to that enter the URL of your website in the boxand then click “Add property” button. Once you’re done, the site is addedon to Search Console.Verifying Site in Google Search Console: Once you add the site to SearchConsole, you will be asked to verify your site. Search console provides youwith quite a few options to do this, you can verify your site with the bestmethod suitable.? Recommended method: The image is quite self-explanatory. If youprefer recommended method to verify your site, then:Download the HTML verification file from Search Console -;Upload this file in Public_HTML folder in your site and then goback to Search Console and click on verify button.Remember, if you delete the HTML verification file from your siteafter verification, you may lose verification of the site in SearchConsole.? Alternate Methods: There are four other alternate methodsavailable apart from Recommended method to verify your Site.a. HTML Tag: If you click on HTML tag, a meta tag will bedisplayed under HTML tag option. Copy the meta tag, goto your site and paste this within the ;head; section ofyour site and save this. Once this is done, go back toSearch console and click ‘Verify’ button. If everythinggoes perfect, your site will be verified.b. Domain Name Provider: In this click on “Select yourdomain registrar or provider”, there will be list of domainname providers such as, Godaddy.cometc., from these select the name of the company fromwhere you have purchased the domain name for yoursite. Based on the domain name provider you can verifyyour site based on one of the following methods.? Directly in Search Console – This is the easiestmethod to verify your site, as some of the domainname providers such as, etc., enables you to verify your sitedirectly from Search Console.? Adding a DNS TXT or CNAME record: If yourdomain name provider has not enabled to verify thesite directly, then you can verify the site adding aDNS record. To add DNS record instructions will bedisplayed according to your Domain name provider,these instructions will be specific to your provider.By default, instructions to add DNS TXT aredisplayed, incase if this method is not available theninstructions for adding a CNAME record will bedisplayed to verify.After following the any one of the above method thatis suitable with your domain name provider, click on”Verify” button below.c. Google Analytics: In this method you can verify your sitein Search console by using the tracking code from GoogleAnalytics, which is associated with your site. Copy thetracking code, go to your site and paste the tracking codewithin the ;head; section of the page, make sure that youdo not modify the code, else verification will fail. Comeback to Search console and click “Verify” button, ifprocedure followed is correct, verification will be done.d. Google Tag Manager: This can be done if you are usingGoogle tag manager for your site. You can do this only ifyou are having access to View, Edit and Manage inGoogle Tag Manager. Place the Google Tag Managercode immediately after the ;body;tag of your site’s page.Remember, verification will not be done if you modify theGoogle Tag Manager code and also if you insert anyother HTML comment between <body>tag and TagManager code. Once the Tag Manage code is placed inyour site’s page, come back to search console and click”verify”, your site will be verified.I hope this helps you to add and verify your site in GoogleSearch Console.