Government and the Democrats wanted to give me

Government Shutdown    The past four months, Congress has many issues on passing certain bills, immigration, Children’s Health Insurance and disaster funding. It has been decided that on January 20, 2018, there will be a government shutdown. House Republicans have decided to pass the bill to extend the Children’s Health Insurance Program for another six years and to fund the government for another four weeks (Scott and Golshan 1). Republicans and Democrats could not decide whether to pass the immigration deal. It is not easy for Congress to pass a budget because the Senate has to do bipartisan votes or logrolling, which makes both parties in a difficult situation to pass the bill. After the discussion of the end of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), Democrats were angry that President Trump did not accept the bipartisan bill to help with hundred of thousands of immigrants. According to CNN,  the House has decided to pass a short-term spending bill and must have sixty votes in order to go on. As reported by Amber Phillips (Washington Post), if there was a Continuing Resolution (CR), there is a chance that Democrats gets a chance to pass immigration policies and government spending. If there is a government shutdown, most likely, Republicans get the blame for it. Also, if there was a government shutdown, people may not enter national parks and museums. In the longer run, it would be harder for people to get traveling visas and passports, people may not get their passports on time. There are certain things that would stay open such as mail services, Social Security/ Medicare checks, active duty military etc. President Trump blames on the Democrats for the government shutdown, “This is the one year anniversary of my presidency and the Democrats wanted to give me a nice present.” Although he might blame on Democrats on the government shutdown, according to CNN, the majority of the Democrats in the Senate did vote or leaned towards “no” to pass the spending bill, this is a big part of the government to shut down. However, Republicans are mostly the big part of the government shutdown. The House failed to pass a spending bill, they needed at least fifty Republican votes, yet they did not have the majority to support the bill. Most of all, the Senate cannot pass the bill, the fact that Democrats has already filibuster it which means to withdraw a bill (Scott 1). Although there have been many opinions and blaming who fault is it, it’s both sides of the parties fault. Democrats are the blame because they do not want to go along with the spending bills. Also, it is the Republican fault for not negotiating and stalling on immigration issues. It’s both side fault for the government shutdown. After the shutdown, Congress should focus on one main issue at a time, rather than focusing on issues that would be hard to pass; they should prioritize certain problems and negotiating rather than stalling. The government shutdown would lose a lot of money and time is money. Government shutdowns are not worth repeating.