Have we ever thinks about what are the

Have we ever
thinks about what are the unalienable rights in the world today? How does it
effect to our world and is it important? Jefferson regards Life, Liberty and
the pursuit of Happiness as unalienable rights in the Declaration of
Independence: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are
created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable
Rights that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”
–Thomas Jefferson. In my opinion, all that three things are the basic rights of

                The first important right of human
is Life. God created human to live for his life, so every person should have a
right life. I do not think ‘Life” that Jefferson means is just a simple life,
but that “Life” is thinking, studying, working…etc…Live on purpose, not live on
nothing meaning. I can’t imagine how the world will be look like if people live
without motivation. Nobody care about invent some useful things. People do
everything without passion. I bet that will a terrible place to live. More
passion in life is more creative in life. Every people is deserved to have a
right life. In there, they can live their life in happy and valuable.

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We all came to
this world by the same source from God, but we are living in different
countries. It means we have different government, but it is surely that every
parson should have their right Liberty. No government has the right to confine
or compels that, because without liberty, people will not really live. If a man
is confined, and compels to work in his confinement, what becomes of his inalienable
right to liberty? He has to work without passion for his job and can’t have any
good stuff to contribute to the society. We all know that nobody is perfect, so
if we don’t have liberty to speak out our thinking or our knowledge, how do we
know that the way we are going in the other’s leading is the right way? Let’s
people live with the respective.

The last thing
Jefferson mentioned is the pursuit of Happiness. Why is it important? Because
life without happiness seems like we are not living anymore. But I believe that
the pursuit of happiness is very different in each others. Some people just
want to have money, nice car, or a big house in their lives. Others prefer to
have a good job with well payment but a happy family with healthy wife and
kids…. Our happiness is different, but if we can accept what we have and try to
get what we can have, not try to have anything overhands, we will have a real
happiness. We also can create our own happiness by live in motivation in the
life we have and thankful about everything God gave us. In my opinion, only
when we feel happy with everything we do, we can do well. If everyone in a
country is happy, that is a happy country. The prohibition of the right to
happiness is crime. If we want develop our country, we should start to support
the people’s pursuit of happiness.

Thomas Jefferson
opened a door for people to recognize about what are important things in life.
Everyone has the same start and they are all equal by God, but our lives
nowadays drive us to some different ways. All of all, Life, Liberty and the
pursuit of Happiness are still the very important purposes of life. God created
us like a human, so we should live like a real human. That means we have
thinking, passion, feeling and purposes in our life. That all will help in
building a great man. From that, we will have a good family and finally is a
strong country. The phrase of Jefferson reminds people that citizens have the
same rights as political leaders. They all just work together to create a great
country and he wanted to make sure that it would be the case in the country
they were creating.