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you ever heard the term “Catcall”? Phrases like “Hi dear , where you
going?”  “Hey, sexy!”
“Give me a smile will ya?” “That booty be looking good today!” or
some other  form of them that mostly
directed to women from men are examples of catcall. If you try to google it,
the term means “Doing sexually suggestive things (usually with loud, though not
explicitly) volumes, including whistling, exclaiming, giving gestures, or
commenting, usually to women (also male or gender others) passing by on the

I believe most of women are familiar with  those kind of phrases, but they can’t do much whenever  they receive
such treatment. It is most likely because of some people may assume that
the act of catcalling is considered as normal/natural. Society yet still not
aware that catcall is considered as an issue that needs more attention. Perhaps,
such acts like whistle or comments on someone could be reasonable in the view
of culture or local courtesy. However, they don’t realize if it is not desired
by the recipient of the act, then the act can be categorized as sexual
harassment. Such activity can be a mistake to cause a woman to feel
uncomfortable, offended, degraded, distracted, and  threatened. But often the perpetrators of
catcalls argue that it is merely to give praise to women. In fact, even catcall
absolutely no correlation with praise.

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The irony is some men feel that they have the
right to harass women that are dressed in a revealing or body conscious
way.  It is in no way the woman’s fault,
but just a fact that it will lead to more harassment from these types of
people. This is so upsetting, this is a version of blaming someone because
others are behaving badly.In an ideal world where there was respect for men and
women, as taught at home and in the culture, this wouldn’t happen.

to the head of Komnas Perempuan, Azriana Rambe Manalu stated that cases of
sexual harassment against women reported every year are increasing. This
is seen from the side of awakening awareness of victims, public awareness to
not tolerate sexual harassment. Then what seems to be the obstacle for
the victims to report sexual harassment?
First, inadequate or even no adequate regulation that can protect women
from sexual harassment. Second,
the perspective of people who still see sexual harassment as justifiable. These causes sexual harassment to be repeated
and unstoppable. There is one thing that is most powerful or prominent in the
act of sexual harassment, namely the view that places women as objects. That
perspective is awakened because of the unequal power relations. Society sees
women as second class citizens, objects of fad and objects of sexuality. It is
then that sexual harassment is often experienced by women.


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