“He from hell to punish sinners. Attila was

“He was a man born into the world to shake the nations, the scourge of all lands.” -Priscus. Attila the Hun, the dreaded and feared ruler of the Huns was often referred to as Flagellum Dei or the scourge of God. Many thought that he was sent from hell to punish sinners. Attila was the greatest ruler of the Huns and he led one of the greatest barbarian tribes at the time. Some might call him a skilled and proficient tactician, but in reality, he was a psychopathic and barbaric killer who only strived for war and bloodshed. There are many examples that could prove this statement. First, Attila used the most tremendously painful and brutal torture methods to punish his enemies and deserters. Second, he slaughtered his own brother, Bleda, that ruled with him for about 12 years. Last, Attila went to Europe and sacked, pillaged, and extorted many cities, just to quench his bloodthirsty intent and to add to his ever-growing wealth and riches.  The list goes on and on, which shows how much of a barbarian and savage Attila truly was. First, Attila used the most tremendously painful and brutal torture methods to punish his enemies and deserters to the point where one would wish that he has never been born. When Attila reaches the great city of Constantinople, the frightened citizens gave gold to him, and it was worth about a hundred million dollars which was more wealth that Attila had. But Attila thought that that wasn’t enough for him. What he really wanted was revenge. Revenge on all those who betrayed and deserted Attila’s army. Attila tortured the deserters in the worst way. He had all of the deserters be impaled by a wooden harpoon and hung up to die. It would take about two days for them to die, and they would have to go through extreme pain and misery until finally they were impaled all the way through. This displayed the total madness and lunacy of Attila and his inhuman traits. Attila was now unstoppable. There was nothing in his way except for his older brother, Bleda. Bleda and Attila grew up together, fought together, ruled together, they did everything together. Attila and Bleda ruled the Huns for about 12 years. However, in 445 AD, Attila ruthlessly and mercilessly murders his own brother without hesitation when Bleda went on a hunting trip. Attila is now the one and only ruler and had total control over the Huns. This proves how much of a monster Attila really was. Last, Attila went around the world and sacked, pillaged, and extorted countless cities, only to slake his thirst for blood and vengeance. Everyone at that time knew that the moment Attila infiltrates the walls, there is no escape and everyone, man, woman, and child, dies at the hand of Attila. He didn’t care for land or ruling over the people, all he cared for was money and death. At first, Attila and the Huns beleaguers and lays waste to the city of Naissus. At first, the Huns were weakened but struck back with one of their most powerful weapons at the time, the battering ram. It tore down the walls of Naissus allowing Attila and his army to easily enter the city. They did all this just to signal and warn the Romans what would happen if they didn’t pay them the amount Attila wanted. Even though this is just one of the cities that Attila invaded and besieged, it shows what kind of man Attila truly was. All of the evidence shown precisely described how much of a psychopath Attila was. The exceedingly painful and gruesome activities and methods used to torture his enemies and deserters, the callous murder and homicide of his own brother that he grew up with, and the devastation and massacre of the numerous inhabitants of the countless cities that Attila and his army laid waste to all shows the brutal and vicious behavior of the feared leader of the Huns.


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