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hello everybody I’m Brittany Carmichaelfrom Brittany Carmichael comm where Iinspire women to shine from the insidetoday I want to talk to you about fivesteps on how you can live a better lifethe first thing I want to talk about iswatching your words listen to your innerdialogue listen to what’s going on thethoughts you’re having from the momentyou wake up do you think when you’relying in bed oh I don’t want to get uptoday I don’t want to go to work or areyou excited for life and ready to takeaction and thankful to be alive startyour day off with gratitude for justbreathing just being alive you wouldn’tbelieve how many people don’t wake upand that’s serious okay so be gratefulanother way to watch your words is whenyou’re getting ready in the morning Iknow us women stand in the mirror andsay I’m so sad and I don’t like myclothes or my hair but you’ve got tostop okay I want to be your best friendthat you’ve never had that was like heystop doing that so let me tell you stoptalking to yourself like like who wouldyou be if you talk to your best friendthat way so be your own best friendgive yourself some compliments in themorning look at yourself in the mirrorand say I am beautiful and I’m thankfulfor my beautiful body and the wonderfulclothes that I have to wear the nextthing the second thing to live a betterlife is gonna be break your habitsnotice your habits break them and bydoing by becoming aware of them eachtime that you do it let’s say you’re atthe end of not at the end of the nineyou get home from work and what’s thefirst thing you do do you pour a glassof wine and sit on the couch if that’s ahabit that you want to break notice thatyou’re going to go pour the wine becomeaware of that and instead maybe pour aglass of water it can be very similarbut just change it just a little bit anddo that every time and you build a newhabit over time as you notice whatyou’re doing that you don’t want to bedoing become aware stop doing itmake a new habit one thing for mepersonally was that I like to snackafter nine o’clock and that’s not goodfor our body so what I did was put apost-it note on my pantry no joke put apost-it note on my pantry that saidsquats for snacks so I challenged myselfevery time to do 25 squats before Ipulled anything out of the pantry and Iwill tell you that makes you becomeaware really quickly of what your habitsare and if you want to do squats firstnext great so pick something new toreplace the old habit something healthysomething positive but the first thingto breaking a habit is becoming aware ofit first the next thing the third stepis a changer mentality from victim toleader stop blaming everyone else oreverything else or the universe and takeresponsibility each thing that is goingon is up to you it’s your choice I’m notsaying that you can control everythingbut I am saying that you can control howyou feel and how you think about thesituation your perception a miracle isdescribed as a change in perception socreate a miracle by knowing that you’reempowered in each moment to choose thefeeling that you want to feel and choosejoy choose joy stop blaming stop beingupset no no you can be upset but justfor a minuteyou know like experience that emotionthat actually ties in to the next one isexplore your emotions your emotions aresigns and guides to show you what it isthat you want or don’t want when youfeel a minger arise from within it issaying hey some things aren’t therechange it I need something differentexplore it be mad let it out for aminute but in the privacy of your ownhome or your own journal not on Facebookand not to your co-workers they didn’tdo or we didn’t do anything to you soexplore your emotion experience youremotion but do it in such a way thatyou’re not projecting it onto otherpeople and the final step forliving a better life is committing tochange we all have these resolutions andgoals and things that we know we wantfor ourselves but until you commit andyou decide that that is actuallysomething that you will change it won’thappen Tony Robbins said something alongthe lines of if you don’t change if youdon’t change anything then nothing willchange which it seems so simple but itis so true so if there’s something youwant to change know what it is and dosomething about it it’s like eachmorning when I wake up to do yoga Istill have an internal voice that saysmmm man it would be nice to sleep in andto some degree I can agree with that butI am committed to change and committedto excellence and committed to livingthat best life that I have designed formyself and yoga is a huge part of itso I hear the internal voice that saysmight rather sleep in and instead ofgiving power to that voice I give powerto my choice my choice to wake up and dothe yoga or do whatever it is you needwhatever your soul is calling you forbut commit to change listen hear thatvoice that stops you from doing it andsay okay thanks that’s actuallymotivating me to do it more and then doit do move past it go past that voicethat says no it’d be better if I justate that last cookie if you’re lookingto drop the cookies put the cookie downjust commit just say okay today’s theday not tomorrowstart again because tomorrow you’ll saythe same thing and I only know this tobe true it’s because I did it for somany years and I stayed at that 200pound range because every day I wasgonna do it tomorrow and do it tomorrowbut tomorrow was the same because mycommitment was the same commit toexcellence commit to yourself and committo living your dream life and you willbe blown away at how simple it really isif you just decide get clear on what youwant and decidealright the five things to living abetter life watch your wordlisten to what this is saying and startto recraft the phrase that comes upmaybe it might be a negative voice andyou can start to reprogram that bybecoming aware of it and saying no Iknow that I am beautiful for me I wouldstand in front of the mirror and say ohI’m so fat I’m so fat and you know whatI stayed fat because that was the beliefI had and that was exactly what I wassaying that I was so it was when Ishifted those words internally to I ambeautiful and I am fabulous and I’mfunny and kind and all these wonderfulthings that we all are startappreciating yourself I mean can youimagine if we obsessed about the thingsthat we loved about ourselves versus thethings that we don’t like aboutourselves instead of obsessing aboutwhat you don’t like notice it and makecommit to change make the change breakthe habit be a leader feel empowered andcommit if you are inspired by thisplease follow me at Brittany Carmichaeldot-com /join I would love for you tojoin our tribe where women are shiningfrom the inside learning to live a lifethat they love building it withconfidence and creating a beautifuljourney and helping to inspire the worldto do that as well please join me onthis journey and I look forward tosharing with you next week thanks