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Hi, I’m Harshani Haridass. I was born on the 16 th August 1995 in Sri Lanka and am a half Indian. I finishedmy secondary education at Lyceum International School, Wattala. I’m currently doing my managementdegree at Australian College of Business and Technology whilst working as a banking associate at theHong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.The purpose of the portfolio is help increase my self-awareness. By the end of compiling the portfolio Iwish to further identify my strengths and the weaknesses where this also could lead open doors to grabbusiness opportunities.For the past years working for HSBC I have gained varied experiences by partaking as a member ofsports committee to quiz committee of HSBC which trained me to work as a team with different peoplewith different attitudes in the corporate world. Having being a part of various event such as numeroussports and knowledgeable events has taught me to accept both victory and defeat equally.Numeracy SkillsSituationAs students of BES1500 we are supposed to undergo the quantitative statistics exam on the 5 th week oflectures to test the numeracy competency of students.TaskPreparing for the quantitative skills test by attending the test and practicing the tutorials provided bythe lecturer.ActionSince most of the material was on statistics which is the quantitative test would focus on numbersnumerous practice questions had to be solved to ensure that I was well prepared for the test. The planwas to do as much questions as possible with the materials given by the lecturer and to practice themevery day after work and during the work hours if possible to familiarize with the sums.ResultFor the numeracy test in BES1500 I used my numeracy skills to successfully complete the test and score72% which is in the range of a Distinction (D). The benefit of practicing the quantitative of the givenmaterial was clear on the day of the examination when it helped me to answer all the areas tested in thestatistics paper effectively and confidently. The advantage of practicing was also showcased when itcomes to managing time. Even though I planned on getting a high distinction I was only able to land on adistinction.