How Due to economic globalization and its influence

How Are You Globalized?


Globalization is a process in which economic,
political, and socio-cultural relations are established across multiple
continents. We live in a globally interconnected and inter-reliant world in
which the influence of one culture affects the dynamic of other cultures and
societies. As the world continues to change and becomes more integrated, there
is a collection of people, culture, technology, ideologies and information
across the world that all happen to converge together. Globalization
affects every aspect of human life on a daily basis. Everyday when I put my
clothes on that have tags that read “made in China”, or I drive in my German
Volkswagen, buy food that was grown in other countries, attend weekly Christian
mass, or I watch TV channels that stream globalization topics and its
connection to current events in the world, I am constantly becoming more and
more globalized. In my life, globalization has affected and impacted my life in
a positive way and has shaped me to become the person I am today. My identity
has been informed by my exposure to globalization and its internal and external
factors, which in turn combines to form my morals, my personality and my

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Throughout my life, I have been accustomed
to various forms of globalism. Due to economic globalization and its influence
on my economic well being in the United States, I have been given several
opportunities to develop into a more globalized person. There have been
specific major events that truly contributed to my globalism and the person I
am today. I first began to acknowledge this evolution within myself when I
started travelling the globe. Although I appreciated my vacations to Aruba and
other Dutch islands in the Caribbean, I’m remarking on the modeling of my
character through my travels to one of the poorest countries in the developing
world, Port-au-Prince, Haiti.
The visions and experiences that I encountered on my trip to Haiti were homes
made of rusty metal boards, humans either injured or suffering from
malnutrition, earthquake debris everywhere, and humans just like you and I searching
for a life with love, attention and security. The time I spent with Haitian
children living in orphanages after they lost their family members to the
earthquake, all left an emotional impact on me. This, along with my belonging
to a nonprofit organization, contributed to my development. My transformation
and adaptation to becoming more globalized only expanded from there. Secondly, I
became a host sister, where my family invited a young foreign exchange student
from Pavulo, Italy to live with us for a period of one year. This forced me to
move out of my comfort zone and adapt to a foreign culture. I was taught important
life lessons along the way, to adapt to having another sibling, and to embrace
every difference between those around you. My experience with my foreign
exchange student turned into me taking up several new globally induced ideas. Lastly,
at Suffolk, I spend the majority of my time surrounded by Latin Americans that
are Spanish speaking. I learn about their values, norms, beliefs, music, and
interests. I accustom myself to their culture and what makes them who they are.


In conclusion, through the effects of
globalization we learn about other parts of the world, as we become curious
about other countries, other traditions, and develop a sense of understanding
of other nations and cultures. This is what I thrive off, the opportunities to
become more globalized.


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