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How much pressure do students face and how can they solve it? With the development of society, people’s pressures have increasing. Students which is one part of it and many students have a lot of pressure in their daily life. Someone of them will suffer from different kinds of stress, such as learning pressure, life stress and so on. Then face these pressure, students have many different attitude in it. At the same time, they also have lots of different ways to solve it. However, the problem of student’s pressure should arouse people’s attention.

According to the survey, as many as 95% of students said they have pressure in their daily life and only 5% of students that haven’t stress. The survey which also show 40% of students think the greatest pressure is the pressure of learning, and then about 30% of them choose the pressure of life, however, 30% of students also the greatest is others, such like the pressure which their parent give, the friendship stress and so on. Faces the pressure, students have different ways to vent it. Nine students do exercise when they feel stress and it’s takes up 24% in survey.

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At the same time, nine students choose listen to the music when they feel stress. Then “Talk with friends” is takes up 21 % and it’s 18% of students are shouting to vent their pressure. Last, 13% of students have different ways to vent the stress, such as playing computer games, reading, watching TV and so on. Is the pressure good for students or bad for students? As many as 50% of students think it’s very sick when pressure placed upon them. But it’s also 19% of students think pressure also the power at sometime. By the way, 31% of students think pressure is not bad but it is not good.

Student Li said that be felt a little uncomfortable by the pressure of modern life. But student Zhang said that the biggest pressure comes from the study and after being a university student, the things to be learned is very different from before, needing to be explored carefully. Finally, faced with these problems, parents should take care of their children and teachers should pay more attention in the students, not just performance, but also extra-curricular life. Therefore, people should pay more attention to it, and students will grow healthy.


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