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How do you define the word curfew? What do you feel when you hear this word? Should the law get involved with curfews? Should there be a curfew for everyone who is under 18 years old? ?Teenagers are given a curfew of a certain time limit in some states to reduce violence. The purpose of the curfew is to control teenagers who lack self-control and parental control. The mayor of the city instituted a 7:00 pm curfew in order to reduce violence among teenagers. In my opinions, a 7:00 pm curfew should not be instituted in the community for everyone who is under 18 for many reasons.Curfew is not the solution for the problem of violence in the community, since it is going to prevent teenagers from practicing many activities. Teenagers need to express themselves through different kinds of activities and instituting the curfew is going to prevent them from doing that. Some sports start after 7:00pm, so the curfew will hold teens from playing and watching. It limits the personal time. Teenagers would not be able to go to concerts or movies, for example. These kinds of activities, such as sports, keep teenagers occupied and busy, which in return reduces violence. In my opinion, instead of the curfew, the mayor should increase the hours of recreation centers. Keeping the youth busy and challenging them will decrease violence between them. Also, some teenagers need to work to support themselves and to save up for college. The curfew will minimize the opportunities for those teens in finding jobs, since most of them have to go to school in the morning. Not all teenagers have an easy life and have the financial support that they need. Some of them are born in broken homes or are born to parents who have substance abuse problems. Those teens have their financial independence at a very young age and without the curfew they would have a chance to survive.The purpose of the curfew is to reduce violence among teenagers and reduce their abuse of drugs and alcohol. However, teenagers are to conniving to let a curfew stop them. Teenagers usually do not work well with rules and limitations. Avoiding curfew is not hard for any typical teenager. Controlling teenagers like this might actually increase the issue of violence and substance abuse. For example, teens could spend the night in a friend’s house, who does not have parental guidance. They could do whatever they want without being legally caught. Curfews might make teens rebel. Teenagers need to be embraced and trusted in order to increase their positive productivity. Some say that curfews are effective in keeping teenagers out of trouble legally, since teenagers are curious and often try new things that get them in trouble. It is true that teenagers are curious and might try things without knowing whether or not they are good for them. However, the curfew will not protect them from their curiosity. It is parents’ role to guide their children and to teach them what is right and what is wrong. Moreover, teenagers are able to commit crimes nowadays from home. Cyber crimes are examples of violence that can be committed from home. Therefore, education is always the key. Educating the youth could work better than instituting a curfew that would limit them in many levels. In conclusion, in my opinion, there should not be a curfew instituted for everyone who is under 18. Teenagers need to be able to express themselves through different kinds of activities. They also need to have the right to attend concerts and watch movies. Teenagers need to be educated and not limited. They need to embraced to increase their productivity. There are many ways other than the curfew that could limit violence, such as recreation centers. Education plays a huge role in reducing violence.


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