How to Express Happiness/Gratitude At Invitations? – Answered!

4. It is my privilege to have received your ‘Invite’.

5. My compliments on the happy occasion and thanks for the invitation.

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Express Regret and convey your refusal

6. We regret to express our inability to be present on the occasion.

7. How sad I feel to say ‘No’ to your invitation!

8. It pains my heart to convey to you that I shall have to miss the opportunity to be with you on that special day.

9. I am extremely sorry to be unable to come.

10. I shall forever be sorry to miss out on your celebration but____________.

11. I express my regret that I shall not be able to make it.

12. It is my misfortune that I shall not be a part of the celebrations.

13. Though I wished, with all my heart, to be present, yet unfortunately I will have to excuse myself.

14. Unfortunately, I will not partake in the gala celebrations.

State the Reason for Being Absent

15. My mother/aunt/wife/son/brother, etc. is seriously ill and requires my care and attention. I cannot neglect my duty towards him/her.

16. I am tied up with important business assignments.

17. My son/daughter would be having his/her competitive exams on the same day.

18. I am yet to recover fully after my recent hospitalization and have been advised bed-rest.

19. You must be aware of the recent tragedy in our family.

20. I would be in Europe during that time and I am unable to postpone the trip.

21. I have been selected for a training program and will not be granted leave during that time.

22. I expect some esteemed guests at my place coming down from Australia and their program coincides with yours.

23. My sister-in-law is getting engaged the very same day.

Close on a cordial note, once again extending your compliments

24. I, however, send my warm felicitation on the occasion.

25. All the same, do accept my compliments and good wishes.

26. Let my wishes spread bountiful happiness and everlasting joy in your life.

27. My greetings and blessings are always with you.

28. However, do accept my heartiest compliments on the happy occasion.

29- Once again, let me express my heartfelt joy at the happy news and wish God showers His love and grace upon you ____________ (Date) you always prosper?


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