Recalling ____________ (Name) regret to announce that they

Recalling a Wedding Invitation

Mr. And Mrs. ____________ (Name) regret to announce that they are obliged to recall the invitation to their daughter’s wedding on ____________ (Date) owing to sudden bereavement in the family.

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Recalling a Dinner Invite

Mr. and Mrs. ____________ (Name) regret that owing to the damages done to their house by a recent fire make it necessary to postpone the Dinner arranged for ____________ (Date). Inconvenience is regretted.

Recalling an Engagement Ceremony

Mr. and Mrs. ____________ (Name) sincerely apologise to recall the Engagement ceremony of their daughter ____________ (Name) with ____________ (Captain Name), Indian Armed Forces, owing to an urgent call of Duty for ____________ (Captain Name) who is obliged to report at Border post immediately.

Starting Lines

1. ________ regrets to announce/inform you.

2. Mr. and Mrs. ____________ (Name) are obliged to cancel.

3. Mrs. ____________ (Name) unfortunately is forced to postpone.

State the cancellation of the event

4. ______ that the Birthday Party of Anmol stands cancelled.

5. Mr. and Mrs. ____________ (Name) regret to recall the Marriage Invitation of ____________ (Name) with ____________ (Name) sent out a fortnight before.

6. Mr. and Mrs.___________ cancel The Dinner and Dance party at the (Residence Name) ____________.

State the reason for Cancellation

7. ____________ owing to the illness of their son.

8. ____________ owing to sudden bereavement in the family

9. ____________ due to unavoidable circumstances.

10. ____________ owing to the recall of Major ____________ (Name) to Duty for the Nation in these emergency conditions prevailing before the nation.

11. ____________ due to adverse and pressing circumstances.


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