I week back, but I am staying

I am writing to you ____________ (Date) after quite a long lapse of time. Actually my final examinations were over just a week back, but I am staying in the hostel for some more time. I am keen to explore possibilities for admission in ____________ (University Name) in the Department of International affairs. There is an entrance examination held for this course and I want to prepare for this which can be possible only by being here for some time. In the same connection to consult some latest books and magazines I went to the ____________ (library Name) in ____________ (Place Name). I had never been to this library before but had heard a lot about it. I found the Library fully air-conditioned and therefore, an ideal place for serious study. Moreover, the general atmosphere of the library was so good — very cosy chairs, very quiet no noise.

On one side of the entrance was a pleasing array of magazines and periodicals. To the right were shelves of books with a placard ‘New Arrivals’. The new arrivals were mostly dealing with political science and economics subjects — it was actually such books on such subjects that I was keen to consult. The Librarian sat in one of her cubicles while there was staff ready to offer you guidance and help. They seem to be quite knowledgeable and I took full advantage from their guidance in getting the right material that I was looking for. I spent full four hours in the library, made copious notes and now intend visiting this library at least for full one week. I hope you wouldn’t have felt bored with all that I have been writing in this letter — nothing have I said about what interests you — any new picture or any new cultural programme. Better that I would meet you soon after this week and then shall talk a lot about so many things.

Bye for the present. Hope all well with you,

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Yours lovingly,
(Your Name)


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