How to Write a Letter to Your Girlfriend for Early Marriage? – Answered!

Dear ____________ (Name), our love has been budding and blossoming in total secrecy, and I’m proud of it. Nobody knows about it, not even my closest friend. But how long should it go like our emotions lie hidden? I think, it is proper time to reveal it to our parents and friends, so that we may get happily married by the end of the year.

Of late I have been feeling very lonely and emotionally upset. Our meeting off and on secretly and stealthily is no more required, neither does it give me much satisfaction, liven when no sensuous objects are before me, my mind holds on to your charm in trance.

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I dream of you in sleep and also in a walking state. Consequently I cannot pay proper attention to my business. Earlier we are married, the better. Your constant company, the rich elixir flowing from your love would provide me with a greater strength to match our fast expanding business.

The next year I am likely to go on a foreign trip. I very much wish your constant company and presence during this foreign travel. Somehow or other we must get united in marriage before that. My mother will have no objection to our marriage.

She would rather be very happy. But I fear that your orthodox parents may not like it, because of our caste- difference, however, approach these as delicately as possible. You are their only daughter, and I hope they would, ultimately reconcile to your ardent desire.

We can go for a private court marriage, but I would never like to displease your parents in any way. They are so nice, dependable and loving. We shall discuss the matter in detail after my return from the present tour. With an ocean of love.

Yours own,
(Your Name)


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