3) water pours inside in abundance. 10) The

3) I have repeatedly brought to your notice that the flat has not been white-washed since many years altogether.

4) This is to remind you that the plaster on the walls has been peeling and falling off.

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5) I have continuously and time and again requested you to consider the deteriorating state of your house and to undertake the requisite repairs without any further delay before it turns hazardous.

6) Your house needs urgent repairs and it is unreasonable to wait any longer.

State the Problem Areas

7) A distemper is urgently required.

8) The walls have developed cracks.

9) There is leakage in the roofs and rain water pours inside in abundance.

10) The dilapidated stairs and broken railings have become a hazard.

11) All doors lack proper latches.

12) The flooring has worn out and the plaster is falling off the ceiling.

13) The wiring is faulty and needs to be looked into immediately.

14) There is seepage in the walls.

Request for Immediate Action

15) I am awaiting an early and favourable reply.

16) I hope you will see the repairs done before monsoons.

17) Kindly arrange for early repairs. I shall be grateful if they are done before the festive season.

18) Kindly see that the repairs are conducted before my son’s/daughter’s wedding in December.

19) We would feel obliged if the matter is given immediate attention.

20) A prompt answer would definitely be appreciated.

21) Take the matter with utmost urgency.

22) If you feel appropriate, I shall get the repairs done and debit the cost towards the rent account.

23) You can allocate the responsibility to anyone of your trust.

24) You can allocate us the budget and I would get the work done within your stipulated amount and thereafter adjust it in your monthly rents.

Express Gratitude

25) I thank you for the same.

26) Thanking you in anticipation.

27) Kindly undertake the needful steps.

28) I shall be thankful for your co-operation.

29) I hope this would not place you in any burden.

30) I hope you are not being put to any inconvenience.


Dear (Name),

I am sorry to mention that you have not paid any heed to my earlier requests. Do you remember that I have been repeatedly requesting you to conduct some necessary repairs in the house that we occupy? Its walls are in a dilapidated condition while the roofs have gone weak. The recent heavy rains have worsened the situation as the kitchen has begun to leak.

You had promised to send your son to inspect the house and to take the follow-up action but I am sorry till date nothing has been done. If you have no objection then I can have the repairs done myself and the amount spent can be adjusted against the rent payable to you in the ensuing months. A timely reply will be highly appreciated.

Yours faithfully,
(Your Name)