I favour. I fear if I am

I am a student of class ____________of your school. I have a brother and a sister; both of them are in college. My father is a pensioner. His pension is only ____________ (Amount) a month.

He finds it extremely difficult to bear the expenses of our education with his meager pension.

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I have always been a good student of the school. In the last examination, I topped the list of successful candidates. I have been enjoying full fee concession for the last three years.

I would request you to kindly grant me full exemption from tuition fee this year and oblige.

I may assure you that I shall always prove worthy of this favour. I fear if I am not given the exemption, I shall have to give up my studies, which in turn will ruin my future. Thanking you in anticipation,

Yours obediently,
(Your Name)
Roll No ____________

Sample sentences

1. Request Concession

1) I humbly request you to grant me full fee concession.

2) I request your good self to consider my case for full fee concession.

3) With due respect I wish to state that my application be taken up for a full fee concession for the current academic year.

4) A full fee waiver may please be granted to me.

2. Give your genuine reasons

5) Of late, my father has not been doing well in business. Hence he finds it difficult to often provide us with the basic essential amenities.

6) My family is passing through crucial financial strains and I too have to work part-time to supplement our income.

7) My father is a rickshaw-puller and can hardly make both ends meet.

8) I have been tragically orphaned and have to work to sustain myself.

9) My mother is a widow and the only working member of our family.

3. State your track record

10) I passed the SSE Exam very credibly inspite of my adverse circumstances.

11) My school record has been meritorious.

12) My teachers can vouch for my conduct and my academic achievements.

13) I have always been a good student and have also represented my school in a State Level Football Championship.

14) Kindly refer to my past records.

15) I scored outstanding marks in the last examinations.

16) I believe firmly that you will favour me with full fee concession this year too.

17) Hoping that a full fee concession will be granted to me to enable me to study further.

18) Kindly sponsor my studies with a full fee waiver. This grant will enable me a long way to progress in life.


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