How to Write a Love Letter to a Young and Beautiful Widow?

You know I’m still a bachelor without much family obligations. I had decided to lead a bachelor’s life in pursuit of knowledge, and learning, but your innocent, full-moon- like face clouded with worries and insecurity has urged me to change my decision. I have been pondering over the matter for the last so many days and nights, and finally I have decided to marry you. It is not out of pity, nor to injure your sentiments that I’m in love with you.

Love is the only elixir against fevers of these dark times. In recent months, I too, have been feeling lonely and emotionally insecure. It’s really tragic to be left all alone in this wide world full of woes and misery.

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No disease is as fatal as the sense of being unloved and unwanted. Our union has much aesthetic potential. You are a good painter and I am an author. We shall make an ideal couple by all means. I shall be glad to serve you, to love you, to provide you with social status, name and security. Your little daughter will be my own daughter.

She is lovely and angelic. I shall be proud to shower my affections on her, and under our care and guidance she would ultimately grow into a beautiful lady, and will have a bright career.

There is no hurry, you can take your own time in considering the merits and demerits of the proposal before taking this pleasant leap. If this proposal of mine stirs your inner being, if you really feel an attachment for me, please reply.

If not, then forget it as an unimportant note. In such a case, I would lend time to heal my heart. Think twice before you decide, but remember you need someone, who may really love you, protect you against the odds of life. On my part I may confess that I love you, I need you. Let me have a chance to prove my worth, my concern for you.

With a basket full of love for little, lovely ____________ (Children Name) and great passion or you. Believe me.

Yours in expectation,
(Your Name)


I'm Johnny!

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