How to Write a Love Letter to Your Girlfriend?

We had our tea in the refreshment room. Then the train came and we travelled together. I liked you and my liking grew into love within that short period of three hours. You returned my love so favourably. It was an altogether unforgettable experience, a most memorable journey.

Your beautiful image has been so deeply etched on my heart as never to be erased. I shall sacrifice my all, my accumulated merits of all the past births and present life to be able to place my head in your lap. Shall I be ever so fortunate as to have you as my life partner and companion? My love for you is far more deep than my words can express.

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These words are like the foam only which floats on the surface of the sea, the gems of my tender sentiments for you lie buried deep in the depths of my heart. How should I convey my deep sense of attachment and passion for you?

Darling you are so entirely fair

To love a part, injustice were;

No drowning man can know which drop

Of water has last breath did stop:

So when the stars in heaven appear,

And join to make the night look clear:

The light is no one’s bounty call,

But the obliging gift of all.

He that does lips or hands adore,

Deserves them only, and every part,

And nothing less can ease my heart.

Cupid, that lover, I weakly strikes,

Who can express what is she likes.

____________ (Name), my angel, I am confused, thirsty and all afire. Only you can guide me, quench my thirst and extinguish this consuming fire. Be my guiding star send the showers of your love and save me from desperation.

You obliged me by giving your sweet company and favourable response. You gave me your photo at parting, and I am so grateful for all this, but should your generosity stop at it? You have given me a slight taste of the forbidden fruit. Now, let me eat to my fill. Who will give it to me, if not you, my sweetest ____________ (Name)?

(Your Name)

The Lady’s Response

Dear (Name),

I am in receipt of your passionate note. I never knew you would grow so mad and so soon, however, be patient and use your reason. We have to go a long way, and you know discretion is the better part of valour.

I like you and admire your qualities, but still I’m not sure if I love you. Let us go slow and with caution. Life is not to be gambled away in frenzy. You are deeply attached to me, but the time has yet not come to commit myself to anything. Let us have sufficient time to come close to each other, to understand each other more. The path of love is strewn both with roses and thorns. Let us not choose thorns instead in haste.

Before we agree that you are me, and I you, let us remain for some more time that you are you, and I am me. It is a wiser course to follow. Let us not enter in haste where angels fear to tread. It is too early to take a final decision.

May be, you come across a woman more attractive than myself. Today you are burning for me, and tomorrow some other lady may heat you like a stew. She may be then to you what I am now. So please my dear, have patience. It is so easy to begin, but so difficult to sustain. It is better to delay the matter than to stoop to folly in haste, and then to repent at leisure.

(Your Name)


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