How To Write A Reply Letter To Your Landlord Refusing To Increase Rent?

Yours faithfully,
(Your Name)

Tenant Refusing Increase

1) Your letter has put me at all odds.

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2) I was amazed by your letter demanding a hike in rent.

3) Your letter demanding higher rent for your house is a way beyond logic.

4) I am surprised by your preposterous letter.

5) Excuse me but your letter finds no logic or rationale.

6) Your letter has placed me at an awkward end.

Decline the Request

7) I find the demand unjustified and unreasonable and cannot comply with it.

8) It has not been a year since you increased the rent.

9) Your house is in a tottering state and has never been repaired. Hence it does not warrant any increase.

10) You have been misinformed as the rent that I am paying is equivalent to the current market rates.

11) I do not agree to your proposed escalation.

State your Reasons for Denial

12) I have for long been paying you higher rent.

13) Your covered space is much lesser.

14) Your proposed increase violates our rent/lease agreement valid for a year.

15) You have not given me the rights of the roof/covered parking.

16) Your flat lacks the basic facilities like tiling, woodwork or almirahs.

17) I have already undertaken some expenses on your home, by your approval, like fans, switches etc.

18) I am financially constrained to comply with your demand.

End on a Cordial Note

19) I hope you will make your decision by pondering over all aspects.

20) I hope you will take a broader view.

21) I expect you to weigh full perspectives.

22) Please bear for some time.

23) I do not intend to offend you yet request you to reconsider your decision.


I'm Johnny!

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