How to Write an Incredible Marriage Proposal Letter?

During the past about six months I have been complaining in my letters that our separation is becoming more and more irksome to me, and I think that you guessed my mind and that the complaint was not just frivolous or superfluous. There was a strong reason behind it. I have been tempted many a time to confide to you a secret which lies buried deep in my heart. It can no longer be kept under control and I cannot put off asking you a straight question. I think you know what I mean, so take it, darling, in the true spirit when I ask, “will you marry me?” So far I have restrained myself because I wanted to be worthy of your love before asking for it from you. Now there is a limit to wait.

My feelings have grown stronger, far stronger than a respectful regard and admiration. My love for you may have been silent but it was steady. I can’t wait any more for expressing it in words, so I ask this question. I know I can’t offer you much, but I have great confidence in my future. If this frank avowal should meet with your kind approval, I shall consider myself a very lucky man. I don’t suppose that I should have put it quite this way if you had been near with me, but I fail to express myself adequately in this letter. Will you kindly accept my offer and take me as a worthy aspirant for your hand and heart? Anxiously waiting for a responsive sentiment from you,

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Yours for ever,
(Your Name)

Reply to Proposal from Responsive Lady


My dear (Name),

Your very courteous letter of ____________ (Date) has reached me and I was pleasantly surprised to read it.

We have been acquainted with each other for many months now. You gave me a pretty broad hint in your last letter and in my reply I too gave you an equally broad hint. However, it seems my hint went astray. Dear ____________ (Lady Name), may I tell you very frankly that I am myself fed up with separation as much as you are, but how can I name the day? I have consulted my parents about you and they have agreed to meet your parents on coming Sunday. I don’t know how to tell you to be patient till then because I am so very impatient I, but patient we have got to be, because patience, they say, is a great virtue. At the moment I am so terribly excited that I want my letter to reach you with the speed of a telegram. I assure you that I have great pleasure in accepting your proposal.

Dear ____________ (Name), I love you so much that I cannot write much in this moment of excitement. However I will write more as I calm down a bit

Yours for ever,
(Your Name)


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