How to Write an Invitation Letter for Meeting? – Answered!

4. This is to bring to your kind notice that Culture Legacy Group of ____________ (College Name) is organizing a meet on ____________ (Date).

5. Please be informed____________.

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6. Kindly be informed____________.

Details of the meeting / purpose are divulged briefly

7. List of items to be discussed is mentioned blow.

8. Refer to the attached Agenda.

9. Budget allocation for the new fiscal year is to be discussed /passed.

10. To broaden the purview of activities of the club.

11. To select performing artistries for the approaching Annual Day Celebrations of the College.

12. Please find enclosed herewith a list of the items to be discussed in the meeting.

13. We wish to take stock of the requirements and proper training programmes for the sportsmen of this college.

14. This meeting is being held to set the guidelines for induction of new members to the Selection committee/ Board Council.

15. The core agenda of this meeting is to discuss regularization of ad-hoc/temporary staff.

16. It is a quarterly meet of All India General Managers of various departments to sum up their performances.

Close by Insisting on Presence

17. You are thereto requested to attend.

18. Kindly make it convenient to be present.

19. The co-operation and presence of all members is solicited.

20. All are cordially invited.

21. It is elementary for the Quorum to be complete to make. This meeting successful.

22. Kindly be present.

23. Your participation would be appreciated.


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