Yours have done our utmost to expedite the

Yours faithfully,
(Your Name)

Reply to above

Dear Sirs,

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We very much regret the delay and want to assure you that we have done our utmost to expedite the delivery in spite of the recent strike in our factory. We are sorry to have kept you waiting. We are aware of your urgent need and that’s why we have set aside many other orders. This season the demand for our linen has been unprecedentedly high. We trust this will convince you of our sincerity towards our customers. This is for the first time that we have been unable to execute your orders within the stipulated period.

We have already dispatched the goods today. In the meanwhile we want to assure you once again of our best cooperation, always.

Yours faithfully,
(Your Name)

Sample Sentences for Complaint Letter

A. Complain of not receiving the order

1. Referring to our of ____________ (Date) for 10 bales of raw wool, we regret to say that we have not yet received the same.

2. We refer to our order No. ____________ dated ____________, for a complete set of children’s encyclopedia.

3. As per our order No. ____________ of ____________we placed an order for 120 thermos flacks.

4. On ____________ (day) of last Month I sent you an order for a dozen of German – Hindi Dictionaries.

5. Please refer to our order No____________, ____________ (Date) for ____________ (No of toy guns and their cartridges).

B. Discuss the delay

1. There were promised within a week. We have been to a great inconvenience through this long delay.

2. We regret the fact that neither consignment nor any letter you has been received by us.

3. Over a month time has elapsed but goods ordered have not been received so far.

4. So far there is neither sign of the goods ordered nor any intimation from you.

5. You have information that the goods have been dispatched but they have not yet reached us.

6. We are sorry to write that the items ordered have not so far been received by us.

C. How the delay has affected you

1. The items are urgently needed by our customers. This delay may result in substantial business loss to us.

2. The non-delivery of goods has caused holding up our much business work.

3. We need these to keep our urgent commitments.

4. This delay has put us in a very awkward position.

5. We don’t know what explanation we should offer to our customers for this delay…

D. End by insisting on prompt service

1. Alternately we shall have to procure the good some other source.

2. We shall appreciate your urgent looking into the matter. Let us have yo’ur reply on phone.

3. We request you to comply with our order immediately.

4. In case you are unable to send the goods immediately let us know so that may make alternate arrangements.

5. We shall be glad if you understand the urgency of the matter and let us know when may expect the items ordered.

6. We look forward to an early dispatch and intimation.

7. You remember while pi acing the order we have understand the importance of delivery latest by the end of the week.

Sample Sentences Regarding Reply

A. Regret the delay

1. We regret the delay and can assure you that we have done our expedite delivery.

2. We are sorry to state your order No. ____________ dated _____________, was not received in time and therefore this delay.

3. We very much regret for the delay in executing your order but we want to assure you that this was due to some unavoidable circumstances.

4. Thank for your recent order but we regret our inability to execute the same because of strike in our mill.

5. Thank you for your order but the item you have asked for are at present out of stock.

B. Give the details how the order would reach the party

1. The heavy demands of these products have it impossible to deliver as promptly as we wish to do.

2. The desired items have however been today by V.P.P for an amount of ____________ (Amount) only.

3. In spite of our best efforts we could not dispatch the consignment earlier then today. We hope you will excuse us for this inconvenience caused to you.

4. We are sorry to write that your letter has not been received. Perhaps it got lost in transit and hence we request you for a fresh order.

5. You might have by now received our telegram informing about the delay in dispatch of our consignment.

6. You could not get the delivery perhaps because of delay in transit. We took special care to execute your order promptly.

C. Apologies for the inconvenience

1. We once again regret the delay and want assure you that your esteemed orders will at all times receive our utmost care and attention.

2. We may assure you once again of our best co-operation always.

3. Rest assured, we shall be glad to give first preference to your always.

4. We are taking immediate steps to dispatch the good at the earliest.

5. We are taking up the matter of delay with railway authorities.

6. We assure you that no effort will be spared to guarantee any future delivery in time.

7. Once again we offer our apologies for the delay and want to assure you are doing our utmost to speed up the delivery.


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