How to Write Eye-Catching Invitation Letters?

4. My wedding is finally going to be consummated by .your blessings and god’s grace on .

5. Good News! The holy knot is to be tied between and on.

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6. The long awaited occasion has finally arrived for our family.

7. A magnanimous event is around the corner which calls for hearty celebrations.

8. You will be happy to know that I am being married soon.

Reveal the Date and Venue

1. The marriage ceremony will be conducted at ____________ (Place Name), on ____________ (Date), at ____________ (Time). You are cordially invited.

2. The barat procession will depart from our residence at ____________ (Time) in the evening. Please be here in time.

3. The venue chosen for marriage is ____________ (Hotel Name), ____________ (Place Name). Your presence is called for.

4. Your presence is a must.

5. We have set the ____________ (Date) for our marriage and we want you to be the first to know it.

6. My son/daughter/brother/sister is getting married at ____________ (Place Name), ____________ (Date) at ____________ (Time).

Extend the Invitation Personally

1. We look forward to have you here.

2. I solicit your presence on this gala occasion.

3. We would all love it if you could possibly make it.

4. We have been so long associated with you and so happily that the party just wouldn’t be complete without you.

5. I want all our loved ones to be here on this occasion, so your presence is imperative.

6. It will be a great pleasure to have you amongst the guests.

7. Please do grace the occasion with your presence.

8. The newlyweds/young couple would be happy to receive your blessings.

9. Your presence and your blessings would be highly appreciated.

A Rejoinder / a Gracious close by insistence

1. Please do grace the occasion by your arrival.

2. I hope you will not disappoint me by saying no.

3. Half the joy would be lost if you do not come.

4. We count much on your presence.

5. You know without your presence the marriage party will remain incomplete.

6. My wife is as anxious to have you come as I am.

7. I will be looking for you, Dear on the fifteenth.

8. It will make us all very happy to have you at the wedding.

9. It is a delightful occasion and will become much more charming when you come.


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