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How would you perform the role Krogstad or Mrs Linde in the play in order to achieve desired effects? I have chosen to write about Krogstad and I think that the desired effect on the audience in my opinion is to be seen as the villain but without being to evil at moments. Krogstad defiantly has villainous attributes which at times seem dominant in this character, but Krogstad is embittered by life, as he was rejected by Mrs Linde, whom he proposed too and he lost his standing in society through committing forgery of a signature on a document to obtain money for his children in a time of hardship.

To show these villainous attributes for example when Krogstad goes to see Nora near the end of act one and it begins with him knocking on the door, but no one notices and so he says “Excuse me, Mrs Helmer” and I would perform this with respect and a bit shy as I think he would seem hesitant in this situation of seeing Nora playing with her children. Also he is very polite with his words as he excuse’s himself and also refers to Nora as Mrs Helmer which shows respect.

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But as the scene unravels he starts to get aggressive and show’s his true colours as he changes the tone of his voice as he is being more spiteful towards Nora trying to get what he wants. He begins to become more arrogant as he starts to be sarcastic “Isn’t that a curious little problem, Mrs Helmer? And there’s another curious thing. ” Here he is being very cocky towards Nora and so now I would start to walk around Nora as if she is the prey and Krogstad is the predator to show dominance for Krogstad’s argument.

I would be a lot more relaxed than before earlier in the scene and I think I would use a very smug face with a little grin to show how he is taking pleasure from Nora’s fraud. When it Krogstad starts to threaten Nora with a letter to Torvald about her crime, I feel that his voice should be fairly raised to emphasis his points at Nora but also to show how despite Torvald is for his job as he is pleased with his job at the bank because it gives him credit with society, and is a step on the ladder to respectability and he would do anything to keep it as he says “ I shall fight for my little job as I would fight for my life”.


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