Human has continued to be a nation

Human Rights. This led to the appeal being allowed. In conclusion the UK has continued to be a nation without a written constitution and although it has proved to cause some amount of problems it is also apparent why the UK has never made one. There have been many arguments for why the UK should have a written constitution and many for why it doesn’t need one.  Where other countries have needed to create a written constitution to form their state, Britain has been a functioning country for many centuries and has never written down a definitive constitution. Over the years the uncodified constitution has been made up of acts of parliament, court judgements and convention and the lack of a constitution can only be seen to benefit those in charge. “The power of the executive is strengthened by the fact that parliament is not subject to any absolute constitutional limits. There is no hierarchically superior body of constitutional law in the UK.”(Elliott and Thomas,2017) (4)The act of creating and putting together a written constitution would no doubt lead to reform and change and subsequently could even take some power away from those in charge. Although the UK does have some sort of a constitution also referred too as uncodified the fact that it isn’t written down creates issues as there is not a defined list. This leads to people having to search for the constitutions and rely on convention and legislations. I think that a written British constitution could be beneficial to the country and its citizens however it would be a huge revolutionary change and even the best put together constitutions cannot outline and include every political feature. I don’t think that the UK government would have any intention in implementing one as it would not be of benefit to them and a clear argument against a written constitution is “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”.”Argue opponents of a written constitution, who insist that the existing arrangements, however piecemeal their development has been, have worked well in practice.” (Nigel Morris, 2008) (5)The UK’s unwritten constitution may not be the norm in the modern democratic world but creating a written constitution would be more work than it’s worth. The UK already has a successful parliament and judiciary system which has been working for hundreds of years without a written constitution, the fact that the UK doesn’t have a written constitution is less important than people like to make out.