Human today? There are still 40 million slaves

Human trafficking is a huge problem today. Take Natalie for example, she was kept in a hotel room against her will. She was threatened that if she called anyone, or made contact, consequences would come. Polaris rescued her and now she is recovering from her trauma. She was saved, but not everyone is that lucky.  In every history class, it is taught that before our time, there was slavery everywhere. What was never mentioned however, that it still happens today? There are still 40 million slaves in today’s world.  It is important that you help Polaris achieve its goal to stop human trafficking because they recover people from their abuse, stop the money income, and help to keep the number from going up in the future.To start things off, Polaris helps people recover from their abuse by having a supportive team to help them. The story that was told in the beginning, all happened because of Polaris. According to Survivor story, in 2000 “Natalie was being kept in a hotel against her will and forced into prostitution” (Gallant, 2015). Polaris saved Natalie and with your help, they can save many more. Polaris is constantly helping people get their lives back. The Solution states “Polaris works to strengthen community responses so that all trafficked youth have access to the specialized, trauma-informed services needed to feel safe and rebuild their lives” (Polaris staff, 2017). Polaris already supports so many people who have been through this, so help them out so they can save more. Polaris reaches out to a number of people to have them help out. Everyday, phone calls are going out, asking people for their help and everyday, people give. People like you and me help stop the problem, why aren’t you helping too? Polaris helps everyone recover from abuse and their trauma, so help them now while people still can.To add on, Polaris helps the money income go down. Human trafficking, as of now, makes a lot of money, even more than some of the biggest companies combined. (see figure 1 below) In 2017, “Human trafficking earns profits of roughly $150 billion a year for traffickers, according to the ILO report from 2014.” (Human rights first staff, 2017). According to Moz, Google earns 12.3 billion a year while human trafficking makes 150 billion dollars. Human trafficking is currently making 150 billion dollars every year. By 2020, that amount will double because of how many people aren’t helping. According to following the money, “employing the same financial institutions that traffickers use to store and move their illicit profits may become a highly effective way of dismantling the lucrative business of human trafficking”(Weiler,2017) When human traffickers know that there are organizations that will do their best to stop them, they might stop doing it as much knowing that they will just be shut down. This will put less money in the business. By supporting Polaris, you will help this horrible career to end.Last but not least, Polaris helps the number from going up in the future. So many people are being trafficked today, but with Polaris, less people are being trafficked. states “According to the U.S. State Department, 600,000 to 800,000 people are trafficked” (11 facts about human trafficking, n.d). By helping many people stop being trafficked, this brings the number down. Even if it is only 1,000 people they helped out of the 600,000, they helped those 1,000 stop suffering. Polaris has people volunteer and donate to help. By donating, you could help a life, you could help someone stop suffering. Therefore, Polaris helps the trafficking number from going up in the future. Support Polaris because when you support them, you support the  recovering people from their abuse, to stop the money income from this process, and to keep the trafficking number from going up in the future. Go donate today, save a life. By helping this one person, you could “end” a traffickers career choice. People are suffering out there. Suffering, because you don’t know, because they don’t know. People don’t know, but, now that you know, make a difference, change someone’s life. Give the best gift of all.