thought this is an exemption. Huntington called attention   that it might be for two reasons: the first
reason is for the financial development occurred in a moderately circulation
condition ,the second is the Confucianism underline the structure of the social
levels which delayed society’s activity for democracy.1

any case, when it achieved the basic point in 80s(shifting from illiberal democracy
towards liberal ), it constrained South Korea to start its democratization. 2

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influence for  development in South Korea
was also the United States’ Foreign Policy 
in South Asia known as   the
influencer of “External Actors” explained from Huntington .

Korea has been undermined by the military power of DPRK, accordingly, it has
relied upon the insurance and the guide 
from  United States.

is the fundamental power outside or external actor  of South Korea to influence its democratization.
The Relationship between South Korea and United States was  created from the  the point when the estimation of human right
is a standard, Jimmy Carter, which is notable by his human rights strategy, he
openly censured Park Chung Hee administration of human rights infringement.
Besides,  later Ronald Reagan alarmed
President Chun Doo Hwan  with the threat
of the  severe of relations  between South Korea and United States. Hence, it
can infer that the impact of the United States may be one of the components for
the democratization, particularly after 1980’s. 3

Chulhee Chung, Confucian Values and Democracy in South Korea, The Review of
Korean Studies Volume 16 Number 2 (December 2013):151-178.

Doh Chull Shin, The Third Wave in East Asia: Comparative and Dynamic
accessed 19.01.2018

Chalmers Johnson,South Korean democratization: The role of economic development,The
Pacific Review Volume 2,1989,Issue .1


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