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I think St. Katharine Drexel is a saint because, her love for God is her top priority and she cares for all types of people. She shows this by, being a Nun and dedicating the rest of her life praying to God, and spreading the word throughout her community. Saint Katharine shows how much she cares for others by, helping them out, feeding them, praying for them when they’re ill, and making sure they’re okay. I also think Saint Katharine Drexel is a Saint because, even though she was wealthy, she never let her family’s money affect her faith. She showed this by, instead of spending all the money on her, she and her family donated it to charities.     A quality that St. Katharine has that I admire is, that she was very caring. St. Katharine showed this quality by trying to help the Native Americans and African Americans, she noticed how they were treated poorly when she was at the Western states. Another quality that I admire that St. Katharine has is that, through all the loss she had in her life, she always kept being religious and kept praying to God. She showed this by, when her stepmother, which was like her Mother because she died when she was five months old, got very ill with terminal cancer her love for God just got stronger. Another quality of her’s that I admire is that, when St. Katharine was 77 years old and had a heart attack, she was forced to retire her job as a Nun, but still lived the rest of her life in an intense prayer, and wrote down what she did in a journal. St. Katharine then died on, March 3, 1955, at the age of 96, she lived her long life dedicated to God, and that really admires me, how she never did anything to hurt someone in her whole 96 years of living.     I chose this Saint because, St. Katharine’s life seems easy, but really if you look through it, it’s hard, she suffered great loss, but still managed to be even closer to God. Saint Katharine Drexel also was the, second U.S citizen to become a saint. Saint Katharine founded a university in New Orleans, which was the first Catholic University in the United States that allowed the African Americans to go there. Saint Katharine Drexel, was also a very selfless person as you can tell, throughout her past she always put others before herself. Another reason why I chose St. Katharine Drexel was because, the Pope at the time, Pope Leo XIII, had suggested that, Katharine should become a missionary, and so she listened. St. Katharine went by Mother Katharine at the time and was apart of “The Sisters Of the Blessed Sacrament”. Also, another reason why I chose St. Katharine Drexel as my Saint project was because, she was a very humble person, she didn’t care about the money her father made, she cared for the people. St. Katharine Drexel also had a good education, her parents got tutors for her and her other two sisters. She used her good education on something important to her, which was helping others, her father donated $15.5 million. Her father doing this was probably her role model, and she followed in his footsteps after he died and she also donated her money for education for the Native Americans and African Americans. This was why St. Katharine Drexel was the patron Saint of racial justice and philanthropists, which means that she loved everyone and cared for all. This is why I chose St. Katharine Drexel as my Saint research project.