I organizing and storing the data instead

I still remember the evening when my dad handed me a book – “Let us C” by Yashavant Kanetkar, which was prescribed by one of my teachers for additional reference on seeing my interest in the subject when i was in my 11th grade. Engrossed in the beauty of the language, I spent most of my evenings trying to discern the logic behind the concepts, carefully marking the doubts to discuss with my tutors during my breaks which I always awaited. The enthusiasm we shared paved way for my first project when I was chosen to implement “Arkanoid” an arcade game in C which was displayed in the exhibition held that year on behalf of Computer Science department. I was intrigued by the logical steps and complexity of the graphics involved to even move the bar across the screen. As they rightly say, it is all in the little things, for one day when we look back, we realize they were the big things, the computational thinking and logical analysis that I was exposed to in this brief period churned in me the passion for computers which naturally drove me to pursue computer science stream in my college. My aptitude for academics with my diligence secured me admission at College Of Engineering, Guindy, one of the reputed technical institutions of the country. My tenure of four years exposed me to various facets of computer science. As a part of the curriculum, I was exposed to various subjects including data structures, algorithms and database. With the introduction of data structures and algorithms, I understood that its significance arises not in the way of organizing and storing the data instead lies in its quirky nature of representing even the most quotidian aspect of life into programs and manipulating them to provide solutions for real life problems. For instance, a line at the bank can be represented as a Queue, a pile of books as Stack and simple look up of a word in the dictionary as search functionality in Trie. These courses not just influenced my way of programming but affected my perspectives of thinking too. Throughout my days at the college, the persistent exposure to the academic projects gave me insights about the fundamentals and strengthened the same. I designed a management system for hospitals. Though, tThe operations aimed at implementing the basic database operations – CRUD (create, read, update, delete), it which followed the series of steps from formulation and analysis of the class diagrams, designing the back end systems, identifying events and triggers to designing UI. I was fascinated to see how the culmination of the seemingly unrelated processes aligned itself in lines of abstraction, automation and analysis in incremental fashion and helped in the development of a system from scratch.  As part of networks, I implemented Calendar Access Protocol in C socket programming, followed by a system which generates C equivalent of Bash scripts in compilers. The implementation of microblogging website in PHP, a platform allowed the users to post small shouts(feeds/post), which can be followed, liked and commented by the other users. The introduction of these courses helped me understand how various sides of computers unified blending the distinct lines and combinedly played an important role in providing innovative solutions. A buffer overflow in networks requires knowledge about stacks in data structures and concepts in operating systems. In highly evolving technological world, for a person aiming at building efficient problem solving models, I believe learning the gamuts of computer science are not add ons instead a way of life. Having involved in various socially responsible activities, I was never happy about having society and technology as two unrelated entities. The decision of developing a system to convert the braille characters to text and speech for my final year thesis naturally followed after my desire to amalgamate the two spheres to provide something positive for the community.  Developed using MATLAB, it accepts images of pages containing braille letters to provide text as output using series of image processing  techniques to enhance the quality of the image,distinguish the dots, and used the projections. The algorithm was developed to understand the projection profile of the dots and subsequently convert them to the letters. Our constant interaction with visually challenged students from “St. Louis institute for deaf & the blind” enlightened us with how manual braille books differed from the system generated ones and helped us in setting the goals for our system. Owing to the skewness and the variations from the standards measurements, the algorithm was developed to accommodate the real life braille pages. In addition to the consistent performance in academics, I was involved in various extracurricular activities. As an active volunteer in National Service Scheme, along with the team I camped in a village – Jamin Korattur, documenting the village, planting trees and promoting awareness about various social issues.  I was part of the team that organized Heptathlon and Debugging in Kurukshetra ’13, a technical fest of CEG. I contributed in organizing event in ABACUS ’14, National level technical symposium ,  “Ignotus”  – which turned out to be one of the top successful events that year. “It is one of the coolest events that i have ever been”. “It was an amazing event” – were some of the comments received from the participants. The interpersonal skills helped me to work as a team. The passion to learn new language was not just limited to programming languages, I attended two semester foreign language program to learn Deutch and secured ‘A’ grade awarded by After graduation, i was offered Software Development Engineer role at “Xome Services India Private Limited”. I was exhilarated to be part of the start up which helped me deep dive into the usage of the acquired theoretical knowledge. As a portal that enables users to purchase homes online, I closely worked on the integration of the auction platform which stands as the key distinguisher and revenue generating component compared to its competitors. Working in the 3 member team as a full stack engineer owning the entire software development cycle from analysis of requirements from the customers to deployment of the code, I was also responsible for localization of the websites for one of our client with aim of bringing the website to the customers in various languages. I was lauded for the tweaks in the elastic search of the portal and fixes for the potential security attacks which improved the quality of the system. Following the two successful launches, I also contributed to modifications in the flow of the incoming assets and customizing the workflow of the agents. Working for various teams often involving interaction across geos, the experience helped me shape up my technical skills and leadership skills. With more than two and half years of work experience, I understand vastness of the world of computers and various fields of research still waiting to be explored. From providing solutions to everyday problems like developing models to analyse traffic noise exposure to using computational analysis in classification of cancer cells in biomedical field, the diverse set of problems have created an equally proportional varied spectrum of ongoing researches. I firmly believe that it is these researches that makes our lives easier. With keen interest on building such efficient solutions and watch it benefit people, I am sure that I wouldn’t miss the chance of being part of such groups. In crucial step towards my dream, i apply for master’s at , which with its ambience and opulence research facilities, makes me feel optimistic of achieving the same.