I hard right now by climate change is

I believe that climate change is a real concern and that something needs to be done about the problem before it is too late to do anything.  The threat is real and could pose a big problem down the road when it comes to human’s survival along with all other life on earth. I think finding a solution to the problem starts with figuring out a way to reduce green-house gas emissions. Even the smallest change like one degree could completely throw off the balance of ecosystems, and drastically affect plants and animals. I think the way the climate is changing, it could pose a lot of unfixable problems if people let it get too bad. I think something being hit hard right now by climate change is our food production. Increasing temperatures would only make it more difficult to plant and harvest crops, crops that we need to be able to produce to sustain life. These aren’t the only problems that would need to be dealt with either. There’s also the rising sea level due to the warm weather melting down glaciers and dumping more waters into our oceans. As a result, we could see low lying areas really threatened by the sudden rise in sea level. Land and homes to people and wildlife could be destroyed in such a case. From my own personal experience, I’ve noticed some of the effects global warming has already had globally. There have been reports of increased coastal flooding along with longer wildfires, dangerous heatwaves, and more destructive hurricanes and this can all be attributed to climate change. We as people have a lot to worry about when it comes to climate change and most of it is our own doing. I don’t think that we as a people have been holding each other accountable for the damage we’re doing to the earth. Climate change effects have only intensified over the years and have led to a number of environment crises around the globe. The biggest concern that I have about this entire problem is that is feels like no one is really doing anything about it. People have continued to pump more and more pollution into the air which has in turn only worsened our climate change problem.   Choose any three of the following.  Include the question number with your response. Recently, children in several states have initiated lawsuits against the government alleging that the government’s failure to act on climate has had a variety of negative impacts on them in the present and going on into the future.  At least one court has ruled that they have standing and the suit may proceed.  Should this kind of lawsuit succeed?  What are some of the issues involved? I do think that this kind of lawsuit should succeed. I think that if something were to be done about the climate change that I should start from the top and then trickle down to the bottom. People put government officials in place for a reason and expect them to make sure that certain things get done so when they look the other way when it comes to the climate change problems not only America but eh entire world have been experiencing, then they need to be held responsible for the lack of action. Kids in this lawsuit have made claims that the government has failed to prevent climate change even though they’ve known what the consequences would be and because they’ve done so that the government is violating constitutional rights. The government has gotten away with not upholding its obligations to protect resources and are being called out on it. Climate change is a time sensitive issue that only gets worse as time continues to move and nothing is being done about the problem. The lawsuit which was originally just filed against the government became a lawsuit against both the government and several fossil fuel industry groups, after they intervened claiming the case would negatively impact their business interests. Plaintiffs of this case include students ranging from nine to twenty years old from ten different states along with leading climate scientist James Hansen. Despite multiple attempts to get the case dismissed, the case will continue and since Trump has entered office and the whole ordeal with him denying climate change and withdrawing from the Paris agreement, people are looking at this suit as a last-ditch effort to make an impact and reverse the trend so that something is done about climate change instead of people just kind of looking the other way and pretending like it is not a big problem.