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I chose the title Freed From Hell because the concentration camp was hell and after enduring so much, Elie and other people were finally freed. I chose this picture because it gives a description of what Elie Wiesel looked like when he looked in the mirror. Summary The SS threatened to kill anyone who can not keep up with the past they were running at. Elie’s father finds a shed so they can sleep. Elie wants to sleep but his father will not let him sleep because if he sleeps in the snow he will die. A man called Rabbi Eliahu tries to find his son who lost him while running, however, Elie remembers that his son saw him getting behind but kept going forward. Juliek, someone Elie knew from his past, was suffocating because people were over him. He was not concerned about his health but was concerned for his violin. Eliezer is also suffocating and struggles to get air. Elie’s father is very sick and will not live for a long time. There is a selection and Elie’s father does not pass. The SS push the Jews on the train to leave the camp. The SS stopped the trains and told the prisoners to toss the dead people out. Elie’s father looked like he was dead but Elie slapped him so many times that he woke up. Meir killed his own father for bread but two men saw the bread and took it from him. Eliezer is being strangled and his father is too weak to help so Meir Katz ends up helping them. When they arrive at Buchenwald, only a dozen prisoners out of 100 get out of the train including Elie and his father. They took a hot shower and sleep in the barracks. Eliezer wakes up but can not find his father. Then he wishes that his father is dead and not to find him so that he can only focus on himself but feels ashamed that he thought about that. Elie finds his father calling just to get him coffee and he does. Elie’s father is sick but the doctor does not care. The men hit Eliezer’s father and Elie promises them soup and bread if they stopped bothering him. Elie’s father keeps asking for water, not soup which makes his health even worst. The commander tells Elie that he should stop caring about his father because they are in a concentration camp. Elie’s father’s body was gone but Elie could not cry. He knew his father was “free at last”. After his father died Elie only ate and focused on surviving. The allies were coming and the SS officers evacuated thousands of prisoners out every day. It was too late for Elie’s group to be evacuated so they were freed. The first thing people did was eat and no one even mentioned revenge. Elie got food poisoning and when he woke up he looked in the mirror and saw a corpse. Important Quotes”Why not? Moving fast made us a little warmer. The blood flowed more readily in our veins. We had the feeling of being alive.”Elie and everyone else had never felt that they were anything since the first time they stepped out of the cattle train. Anything in this environment is held tightly because they finally have something to hold on to. They have no control over their lives or anything they do so when you give them something, they hold on to it. Most people probably kept running to live but they also did it to have the feeling of being alive. “I couldn’t help thinking that there were two of us: my body and I. And I hated that body”This quote to me it means that his body is holding him down. He is not agreeing with what his body wants to do. He has the will to survive and he must drag his body around. “The idea of dying, of ceasing to be, began to fascinate me. To no longer feel anything, neither fatigue nor cold, nothing.”For someone to think about death the way Eliezer is thinking means they do not want to be in the world anymore. They don’t want to deal with the pain so death is the only way. “These human waves were rolling forward and would have crushed me like an ant.”The prisoners who wanted to survive so badly did not care about other people. So many people were raging to avoid death at any cost. This shows how the camp changed people. “My wounded foot no longer hurt, probably frozen. I felt I had lost that foot.”Elie was operated on his foot and was supposed to rest, however, he and his father decided to evacuate with everyone else. After enduring so much pain, Eliezer couldn’t feel his foot. If his foot does not work then he will be sent to the crematorium and he will die because the Germans have no use for him.  “Just like Rabbi Eliahu’s son, I had not passed the test.”This quote is important because Elie is saying that he is thinking the same thing Rabbi’s son was thinking when he left his father to survive. To take the burden off of his shoulders. The test symbolizes the obstacles they must face and the decisions they must make. The choices that will affect them for life. Dark quotes that explain themselves”Throw out all the dead! Outside, all the corpses!””Meir, my little Meir! Don’t you recognize me… You’re killing your father… I have bread… for you too…for you too…””I knew I was no longer arguing with him but with Death itself, with Death that he had already chosen.” “Beneath our feet there lay men, crushed, trampled underfoot, dying. Nobody paid attention to them.”The quote that broke my heart is, “It pained me that I could not weep.” This quote is heartbreaking because his father died but he is at a point where he has already seen death too many times. Death was all around them so they just got used to it. He wants to express his pain but his body does not know how to do that. The quote that gave me chills is, “The look in his eyes as he gazed at me has never left me.” This quote reminded me of the photos in the video of Oprah and Elie Wiesel. The people looked so skinny, they were all bone. If I saw that as I looked in the mirror I would also never forget. I would not want to see myself like that because it would remind me of what happened to me. How I changed from a healthy person to a corpse.  Questions Why did Juliek treasure the violin more than his own life? When he was suffocating, he was more worried about his violin. What happened to Moich the beadle? Why are some officers helping and giving advice to the prisoners? The commander of Elie’s group to him to stop caring about his father so that he could survive longer. The other time, the guard gave the advice about how to pass the selection.