I and few of our seniors have

I am delighted to introduce myself Mr. Arunkumar to submit
the statement of purpose to put forth my dream to pursue Masters of Mechanical
Engineering at your well-renowned university. We are a family of five. My
father works for a public sector bank and My mother is a homemaker. I have two
elder siblings, a sister and a brother who work for MNC. I graduated with
Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering from Jeppiaar Institute of Technology
affiliated to Anna University. I intend to pursue my graduate studies to
develop my knowledge and area of interest. My career objective is the pursuance
of research and development in Graduate studies especially in areas of Manufacturing
Technology and Design. This has always fascinated me and I am keen to continue
my academic work in this field.


Initially, Science has been always a subject of great
interest. In my twelve years of schooling, I
have always maintained a good academic record, which displayed to me a special
interest in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Apart from academics, I have
participated in the technical quiz and extracurricular activities in football,
athletics, and many other events. After the completion of my
high school, I joined a premier institution with the excellent quality of education and the highly
competitive technology has contributed immensely to overall development towards
my career.

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my under graduation, my college organized many seminars for higher education and
few of our seniors have traveled to different places across the globe. This inspired
me to take the right choice in my career to do higher studies. Initiative
strength is taking capability to work, good leadership skills, adaptability to
any kind of situation the estranged group. My long-term goal is to become well
equipped, technically strong, skilled person and attain a leadership position in
my organization.



India, the courses are more of theory-based rather than hands-on experience. Technical
skill set development and international exposure are very minimal.

New Zealand
known for its cultural diversity is also one of the safest places to live in.
With higher standards of education, New Zealand provides great opportunities for study, research, and
employment. It provides an affordable cost of living and varied accommodation
options for students.


During my undergraduate
program, I have been exposed to diverse topics as Computer Aided Design,
Dynamics of Machine elements, Manufacturing Process, Engineering Materials and
CAD/CAM and Automobile Engineering. The recent technology concepts with the
advancing development of various techniques in design and manufacturing, there
is a greater emphasis on specialization within a particular field.


I had an opportunity to use these skills during the final year
Influence of EDM process
parameter in hole drilling of stainless steel which implements to use for Anova table and Taguchi methods at
incorporating few features of standard Design models. The project exposed me to
various aspects of Manufacturing technology and was an opportunity to gain
knowledge of design applications in Mechanical Engineering. The last two
years of my undergraduate degree has been quite remarkable with my average high
as to 75.7% in my overall academics and I am well encouraged to
learn design application software packages like Auto Cad and Pro-E. In the four
years of my undergraduate degree, I was able to understand and analyze each
concept of engineering with practical implementation.



I have undergone various Inplant
training which gave exposure to the industry and develops the opportunity to
work in Manufacturing and quality sector. Furthermore, I optimized the training
and experience over 15 days which enhanced my awareness of industry happenings.
I got an opportunity to attend the workshop and industrial visits organized by
our college. It was very useful to gain knowledge about my domain.



would like to conclude with reasons for choosing to apply to your esteemed
university for my Masters in Mechanical Engineering. I perceive that
my objective in graduate studies would enhance and strengthen my career. I like
to work towards my Master’s program under the guidance of faculty at your



I am fully aware that I
have preparation and potential to pursue my goals in the graduate studies in
your institution and the very high standard and quality of its faculty. An
encourage to providing the assistantship with financial support will gain me
valuable towards my career. It will provide the wider environment to improve my
knowledge and skills. I am confident that it will increase my knowledge both
theoretically and practically.


I request the university
to accept my application. I will learn hard about perseverance and hard work if
I am given admission to your reputed university.



Yours truly,





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