If is also a big part of the

If you had a
chance to sit down with a legislator (either at the state or federal level),
what questions would you ask them and why.

If I were given
the opportunity to sit down and pose
questions to any of my Legislators, I would
choose an audience with Will Hurd,
U.S. Representative from
Texas. Representative Hurd is
from my District (Texas 23rd) . He has made numerous local appearances, and seems genuine
in speaking with his constituents about their concerns. Issues I feel that are relevant to address at this time,
thereby effecting my future and the future of the United States of America are:
Agriculture, Energy, and Health Care.

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Agriculture is an important part of Medina
County’s economy. According
to information from the
U. S. Department of Agriculture, Medina County produces
many valuable crops, such as corn, cotton,
oats, sorghum, and winter wheat.
Cattle production is also a big part of the economy. My question to
Representative Hurd would be: How are you and other representatives promoting, protecting, and strengthening family farms?

Another critical issue in shaping and impacting our
nation is that of Energy and Energy independence. Discussions and policies
concerning this must perpetually be examined. Texas and our nation have
resources that allow Energy to be affordable and reliable.  This is a dynamic topic where responsible use
of current economically feasible energy resources (e.g. fossil fuels such as
Coal and other Carbon based products) and continued development of alternate
energy resources (e.g. “renewables”
such as wind, photovoltaic, tidal, geothermal and even nuclear) merge together.
In essence my second question to Representative Hurd would be: Can you elaborate on
what policies you would support to keep the United States energy independent
and affordable?

Another important issue that is affecting my
parents and eventually my adult life is that of Health Care. I would pose
several questions to the congressman. What are your plans to help make Health
Care and insurance affordable to the average American? How will Capitol Hill
make sure that our aging population and Veterans are not neglected and have
access to high quality treatments in reasonable amounts of time? Will insurance
companies be allowed to penalize people with pre-existing conditions, such as
diabetes or cancer?

steps are you taking right now to ensure a common sense approach to solving our
Health Care crisis?

I am seventeen years old, almost an adult. In all
honesty, I am truly concerned for my future and above all the future of our
country. These issues, and so many more, need to be addressed head on with
courage, intelligence, and a genuine love for our way of life by not just our
statesmen, but by the American people.