IG stock index spreads vary with the time

markets is a leading currency trading platform that offers world class online
trading. Operating under the domain ig.com, the website gives access to opportunities
through intuitive platforms and apps. Founded and operating from the UK, Ig
markets is part of IG Group Holdings Plc, a
global organization founded in 1974. The platform has been operational
since 2003 and has active offices in over 16 countries. The entity is authorized
and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Asic in Australia
and is reputed as one of the leading providers of CFDs and financial spread
betting worldwide.


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markets offers great and wide range of investment opportunities. Over the years
traders have come to this platform as with their money, making it a leading CFD
provider. Apart from shares, their spreads are
the same for CFDs and spread betting, never the less, Share CFDs directly
reflect the market price and are subject to a commissions.

In forex trading, one of the most important factor that
should be considered before choosing a Forex broker is the costs of trading. IG
offers low spreads on over 90 pairs over several trading platforms.

When it comes to the
indices, IG offers competitive spreads on a wide range of global indices and
low margin with high leverage. Their stock index spreads vary with the time of

Traders have the choice from
over 6000 global shares and IG offers spreads as low as 0.1% on spread bets and
commissions from 0.1% on CFDs, depending on the host country for the
stock. Better more, Margins begin at 5%.

To remain competitive in an environment
of growing financial instruments, this platform emprises binary option that trades
with timescales from as short as 60 second trades to monthly timeframes.

IG has a high sense of
customer sensitivity, their website allows for creation of a demo account for traders wishing to try the systems before committing
their funds. Further, IG provides its clients with access to comprehensive market
data, charts, news and analysis. In the news and analysis page, daily market
updates and live updates are always available.

IG makes the following
markets available: Interest rates, bonds, sectors, exchange traded products
(ETPs) and house prices.

IG prides in

Easy to use platforms

Massive market range

Effective risk management

the understanding that technology sometimes poses some challenges among some
users, IG platforms have been simplified for easy use and maneuver on the
website. One is able to identify and respond to opportunity quickly and
securely on a fast, powerful and natively designed apps. It further has a
massive market range, with deals in over 15000 markets,
including more 24-hour indices than any provider and out-of-hours US shares. In
addition, IG has a well-structured risk mitigation and systems management
systems. This is to help protect client’s capital with a range of stop and limit
orders, and keep track of their funds easily with an always-visible snapshot of
the profit and loss.


IG has
covered all areas there are to cover to offer an effective and supportive platform
superbly working for modern forex business. The website is highly responsive,
easy to maneuver around. Ig’s risk management and support makes this Forex platform
stand out.