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In addition to paying attention, the U.S has tendency to have its military in the Middle East. The reasons are:1- Middle East is a region which has an important and special geopolitical situation because it possesses a marine highway and it is a link among three continents. In other words, according to some point of views, Middle East is the heartland and a country which dominates over the area, will be dominating the world. (Glassner.Martin(1992). Political geography, page 226, Singapore, Joha Wiley & Sons Inc)2- The U.S have always been seeking its interests and the Middle East has most of the gas and oil resources of the world. Therefore, it is the richest area in the world. So, the U.S has been seeking a stable situation in it. The U.S has been trying to have its military forces in the Middle East. For instance, we can point out to presence of The U.S in Iraq and Afghanistan. They have invaded Iraq in accusation of the mass destructions weapons and US Forces have occupied Afghanistan with the pretext of fighting against terrorism even though they knew the supporter of terrorism is Saudi Arabia and 15 of 19 terrorists in 9/11 were from Saudi Arabia.It is necessary to mention, in accordance with the Clinton confession, terrorist groups have been made by the U.S and Saudi Arabia.Anyway, the U.S is present in the Middle East right now with the excuse of fighting against terrorism.3- The U.S has been seeking the position of the leadership of the world and its authorities have announced their leadership in many cases. This attitude is caused of their tendency to supremacy. Thus, the U.S is seeking domination of the world which one of the most important zones is the Middle East.4- The U.S wants to secure Israel through its presence in the region. In other words, according to international law, there should be three elements to recognize a country as a real country: land, government and population. Israel has been seeking to stablish a new country with occupying a land illegally but we know the land of Israel belongs to Palestinians. Therefore, it would make problems. So, the U.S has made its decision to keep Israel safe through its presence in the region.Anyway, we can point out to these items as reasons of presence of the U.S in the Middle East but the most important reason is using the resources, infrastructures and manpower of the Middle east.