In story, who is the one that

In 1843 Edgar Allan Poe wrote the story of ”The Tell-Tale Heart”. It talks about an ill man that insists he is not mad, when he actually is. He has the obsession of killing the owner of the house, an old man whom he lived with. After 7 nights trying to do it, he finally achieved his goal and kills the old man. Everything seemed fine, but when the police arrived, he started hallucinating, got very nervous and confessed his crime.And the other story that will be compared with ”The Tell-Tale Heart” is a short story named ”The Grandfather and his Little Grandson” written by Leo Tolstoy. It is about a family that does not treat the grandfather with respect, just because he is an old person and cannot do the same things as well as young people do. The family did not like to eat in his company, they did not let the grandfather eat at the table with them and forced him to use a wooden bowl to eat. Until one day, when the grandson taught his parents a great lesson showing the cruel reality from the point of view of an innocent person. Since that day they let the grandfather eat with them again. These two stories have a lot in common but they are also really different. For example, both of them revolve around a very important character that is represented as an old man, who has a sad life. The difference between the two stories according to the old man is that in ”The Grandfather and his Little Grandson” the old man is a grandfather and he is the principal character of the story. And in ”The Tell-Tale Heart” the old man is the owner of the house and he lives with the principal character of the story, who is the one that murders him.Another difference comparing these stories could be the narrator. Each story has a different type of narrator. In ”The Tell-Tale Heart” the protagonist narrates his own story, and he lets the readers know his thoughts and feelings. Otherwise in ”The Grandfather and his Little Grandson” the narrator is not a character, is an omniscient, and that means it is told by the perspective of a third person. When the stories are told by a third person it is not usual to describe the feelings and thoughts of the characters. Just like it happens in this story, the narrator tells the actions and things the characters do, but does not know what is going through the characters mind.Although the characters of the stories may be similar, the themes between these two are very different. ”The Tell-Tale Heart” is a suspense story, it makes the reader uncertain about the outcome. Especially in this story, that is written in a way that causes the reader a lot of mystery, being very specific about the means he uses and leaving his acts unjustified. These type of theme also makes the reader wonder what will happen next and how the ending will be, that is what keeps the person attached to the story until the end. In the other hand we have ”The Grandfather and his Little Grandson”, the theme of this story is the opposite of suspense. This short story does not cause mystery, and at the end it leaves a very important message: To treat elder people with respect and accept them the way they are.To conclude we can say that, two stories may be similar in some aspects, like the characters, but everything can change from the perspective the narrator is telling it, the theme it has and the teaching it leaves. Two stories that represent in their own way, a lot of different emotions, situations and contexts. Something very attractive of these two stories are the ways the writers take advantage of the situation.  They add aspects or ideas to support the theme, make their creation enjoyable and, in suspense stories, addicting for the readers (such as ”The Tell-Tale Heart”). Both of them can be used for our daily life, the teaching the stories left (like the one from ”The Grandfather and his Little Grandson”) and the experience of reading them can mark a person for the rest of his life.