In a better place. Self-control is a

In my opinion, the things about leadership I can
learn from him are patience, self-control, determination, and courage. A great
leader must have patience. Being a good leader requires being patient it is
something one cannot avoid. I have always been told that patience is a virtue.

Patience was characteristic that Dr. King always presented. According to Way,
one speech did not end segregation but rather it was several attempts on
countless accounts that finally got the message across. Dr. King knew that he
had to have patience if he wanted to be successful and he knew that things
would not occur overnight. Dr. King was a great leader because he knew the
power of patience.

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A great leader must possess a great level of
determination. Dr. King’s determination against racism was overpoweringly shown
by his nonviolent actions of rebellion. This quote shows that he was a
determined man, “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in
moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge
and controversy.” Dr. King’s determination helped change the lives of many
people for the better. He had an undeterred determination to be a successful

A common characteristic that all great leaders
possess is courage but being a leader does not give other’s courage, but having
courage will give one a position in leadership. Dr. King demonstrated a great
amount of courage when he gave his “I Have A Dream” speech in front of millions
of blacks and whites. This was courageous because he showed his individual
determination for freedom in front of those who respected him and those who
disrespected him. He kept marching while the protesters tried to stop him with
hurtful words and actions. That shows courage because he was willing to get
hurt physically, mentally, and verbally to make this country a better place.

Self-control is a critical necessity of a great
leader because a leader must be able to control his own self before he can
control his followers. A leader who displays great self-control possesses a
charm that can inspire intense devotion. Dr. King displayed this characteristic
because although he was enraged by injustice and infuriated by prejudice, he
always presented a message of peace and brotherhood, never violence and hatred.

Visionary leadership style best describes Dr. King because he created
a positive image of the future that motivated others and provided direction for
future planning. He was very persistent because he wanted to inspire, lead, and