In the potentials risks. This meant things like

 In this section of the unit I will be
discussing the appropriate safeguarding policies and procedures that I took to
prevent any danger to the children.


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I created a risk assessment before I carried out any of my
sessions in order to ensure that my session were safe for all involved. I
created the risk assessment on what potential risks could occur throughout my
session in order to do this I looked at the areas I would be using and
identified all the potentials risks. This meant things like litter, fallen
objects, and pitch conditions had to be taken into consideration, in order for
me to create an appropriate risk assessment document which could be used when
setting up my sessions. I created a risk assessment that identified the hazards
associated with each risks and the appropriate measures which should be put in
place In order to reduce the risk.

Equipment check

On arriving
at my sessions and after getting set up I would check that all the equipment
being used in any drills or games was in the correct working order and at a
high standard while also ensuring any broken equipment would not be present in
any of my sessions as it could possibly  hurt
some of my participants, this means that before I started to set up the drills
I would check that the goals, cones and footballs weren’t broken, meaning it
was important for me to arrive early for the sessions. For example if one of
the footballs were flat it could be a potential hazard if one of the students
were to slip on a flat ball and injure themselves, meaning before the session
all the equipment will be checked by myself individually to make sure all the
equipment is safe to use and if I found defective equipment I would put it to
one side and evade using it.

During my
session I also made sure that the students knew about all fire safety rules and
regulations which would need to be followed if a fire bell were to sound during
my lesson, in which case the students would walk around to the front of school
in an orderly fashion before being registered to ensure all the students who
were present during my session were safe, this was done as it were my
responsibility to do so in order to keep my participants safe. I also asked the
teacher supervising me throughout my session if there were any medical
conditions that I needed to know. If a student was behaving and was ignoring
all my orders, the teacher would take over and deal with the misbehaving

taking over any of my sessions I made a questionnaire, in order to ensure that
I was informed of any learning difficulties that any of the children that I
were teaching may have, and to ensure I had the correct data I made sure to ask
the teacher who were to be supervising me if any of the participants in my group
had any difficulties and what type of participants they were, for example
skilled or limited ability.

I would also
check the pitch prior to the sessions, this was important as some lessons were
cancelled because the playing surface was frozen or water logged.

In each of
my sessions that took place, I made sure that a teacher was present who was
qualified to oversee my training sessions, this was done in case an issue arose
which I couldn’t do or if I missed something which needed acting on. The
teacher who was supervising each session also completed a register in order to
know who was present in each.

Hazards prevention

In order to
prevent hazards that occur during the session I would give a verbal warning
regarding the hazards that could occur in order for everyone to avoid it, for
example because the fences are quite dangerous surrounding the astro I would
warn the students before we start our sessions about the potential hazard. An
action I took to prevent this hazard was to move the pitch 5 yards away from
the fence on each side which it could be an issue, while also making sure that
any drill which took place were a sufficient distance away from the fences in
order to minimise the risk, while other risks such as fallen objects and
rubbish would be sorted before the session in order to minimise any

Setting up the drills in order to
ensure that they were safe

practices are also designed to be spaced out to reduce collisions or ball
collisions. The space used as I have previously stated was also an appropriate
distance away from the fence in order to diminish the risk of any participants
being injured because of this, as these injuries could well have been very
serious such as broken bones, concussion or potential fractures if they were to
run into the fence or be accidentally pushed into it. I arrived early to all of
my scheduled session in order to make sure that a had the required amount of
time to set up all the drills that I had planned for the session, this was
because if I was setting up drills one after the other, participants would
become tedious and bored of having to wait around, In my practices they were
always in groups of 4-5 or in a pair this minimise waiting time and mean
everyone is involved a lot more, which could also reduce the amount of time I
got to do some of my drills meaning that some subsequent drills may have to be
missed if we were to finish on time, while also allowing my students a
sufficient amount of game time so they could put the appropriate skill into
practice in a game situation.


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