In directed by Spike Lee the film shows

In the film Do the Right Thing
(1998) directed by Spike Lee the film shows the day in the life of residents
living in a neighborhood located in Brooklyn, New York in 1989. This day
coincidentally happens to be the hottest day of all and soon becomes a metaphor
for the boiling aggression the town has that comes apparent when the film first
starts. Tension increases as the day go on as disputes between different racial
groups surfaces. The Puerto Ricans, Whites, Asian, and African Americans in
this town live their lives normally but also go through resentment from the
other races that they live among. This resentment takes the form of racial
stereotyping, complaints, and violent confrontation. One theme that is
highlighted in the film is the love and hate that exists among the individuals.   

the beginning of the film, it can be seen that there is tension between the
blacks and whites in the neighborhood when two African American teenagers spray
water at a white man’s antique car after telling them not to. Since he was
white the teenagers felt like they did not have to listen/respect him this
shows that there is racial tension going on because just beforehand they had
just let Radio Raheem an African American through without any questions, and
because the  teenagers were black seems
to increase the man’s anger and aggression that he feels. Later in the day,
three older African American men are angry about an Asian owned store that they
now have in their neighborhood just across from where they stay. This anger
comes from the fact that they have been living there for years and have not yet
made a living but the Asians who have only been there for a year already have
their own store. The fact that another racial group is doing better than them
angers them.

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though there is a lot of racial tension going on acts of kindness and love can
also be seen in the neighborhood. An old man that goes by the name Da Mayor is
actually a friendly individual his only problem is he has a drinking problem
and because of this many see Da mayor in a negative light. Although he knows
this he still makes attempts to gain the approval from others in the community
especially that of Mother Sister who only does not like him because he reminds
her of her ex-husband. She is unable to see through her prejudice to view Da
mayor as a respectful individual. This shows why there is racial tension that
exists between the other residents of the neighborhood because they also tend
to judge and blame. Da Mayor does a courageous act by rescuing a young boy from
being hit by a car. The mother of the boy is happy that Da Mayor was able to rescue
her son, but Da Mayor’s heroic act seems to go mostly unnoticed by the other
residents in the neighborhood. This shows the idea that even though there are
many instances of kindness and love in the neighborhood; acts of love are blocked
by the presence of hate and judgment.

             Mookie bumps into Radio Raheem who shows
Mookie his two rings that read “love” and “hate”. He goes on and tells the
story how there is an everlasting conflict between the two and how one hand is
always fighting the other. Before saying goodbye Radio Raheem tells Mookie he
loves him which is very surprising since it is coming from a person who many
find intimidating. At the end of the film, Radio Raheem is choked to death by
police officers who are trying to end a riot outside of Sal’s Pizza. Radio Raheem’s
death is an instance where hate beats love. The scene even shows Raheem falling
to his death with his right hand “love hand” in front