In Lock by Alexander Pope, he is able

the epic poem, The Rape of the Lock by
Alexander Pope, he is able to use a conflict between two high-ranking Catholic
families into a social statement. When Pope initially wrote this poem, it was
based off of true events that had happened when someone had snip a lock of hair.
He initially wrote this poem to add humor to a situation to alter the mind of
his readers by adding light. There could be two perspectives when reading this
epic poem. One perspective is that some of the readers will make the situation
of a loss of hair a bigger deal than it should be. While other readers will
understand the sense of humor in the “prank” that was pulled and understand
that hair grows back. In this poem, Pope also tries to make Belinda feel better
about the loss of her hair.

While Nymphs take Treats, or
Assignations give,

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So long my Honour, Name, and Praise
shall live!

What Time wou’d spare, from Steel
receives its date,

And Monuments, like Men, submit to

Steel cou’d the Labour of the Gods

And strike to Dust th’ Imperial
Tow’rs of Troy.

Steel cou’d the Works of mortal Pride

And hew Triumphal Arches to the

What Wonder then, fair Nymph! thy
Hairs shou’d feel

The conqu’ring Force of unresisted
Steel? (Pope).

these lines, Pope does his best to emphasize how it is important to always look
at the bigger picture of things and to never stress about the littlest of
things such as a lock of hair because there are bigger things to worry more
about. He also makes sure to let Belinda know that she should not feel bad about
her loss of hair because there was no way to prevent the “steel” scissors. When
thinking of this written satire and comparing it to modern politics it fails to
compare to America’s daily news.

            When it comes to modern politics
today, what is mostly being talked about is President Trump wanting to build a
wall to keep certain immigrants out. To do this, there needs to be funds to
build this big wall but I believe there are larger issues such as children
going hungry. There are never any articles about how many children are going
without any meal daily. Although, if there is news about this, it really does not
stay on the trending topics very long as people care more about what Trump is
saying or wants to do. There is not much in the news about how we can change this.
In this CNN article written by Thom Patterson, the answer to this is that “there’s
too many government health restrictions that force restaurants to throw away
food instead of donating it to the needy” (Patterson). If there was a law about
restaurants giving away the food to homeless shelters, there would be less starting
children. The written satire does not successfully challenge modern life as
today we have the same issues. People still care more about smaller situations
than the bigger ones. But as for a political news, in Pope’s time the biggest
news was about Baron cutting off a lock of Belinda’s hair versus building a
wall to keep people out. But, all of the same, it is the same issues that is
going on even today. People are still caring about the smallest issues instead of
the bigger ones. 


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