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In winter, the discussion of race and class intersect throughout the chapters. During Winter, a lighter skinned girl who is wealthier than the other black children arrive at Claudia’s, Frieda’s, and Pecos school. Claudia is very jealous of Maureen because she has nice and pretty things and Claudia wanted things like that. Claudia begins to think that the only way to have nice things like Maureen is to look more like her; have lighter skin. Claudia and her sister haven’t learned self hate yet but with Maureen now, slowly it is coming to light. Physical beauty is now being more seen as kids are growing older. Claudia understands that she doesn’t hate Maureen but she hates whatever makes her pretty but herself ugly. Maureen asks to walk home with Frieda and Claudia, Claudia starts to not see why she hated Mauree because she’s nice. They run into Pecola being picked on by boys making fun of her for being black even though they are blacks themselves. We are told that that boys mocking Pecola for being black is because of their own self hatred of being black. Once they see Maureen they stop and leave. Shes pretty and rich so they wouldn’t bother her. Maureen tells Pecola about a movie she has seen, with a mixed girl hating her black mom for making her ugly but then cries at the funeral.  Maureen pulls out money and offers to buy ice cream, when they get to the place Claudia learns that she’s only paying for Pecola’s ice cream when Maureen asks if they are going to also buy ice cream, so Claudia and Frieda wait outside when they go to get ice cream. Afterwards the girls argue,  Claudia accuses Maureen of being boy-crazy, and Maureen tells the girls they are black and ugly. Pecola is pained, and Claudia secretly worries that what Maureen has said is true. This was the use of both class and wealth, the narrator continues to talk about in detail a particular type of black woman. Comes from some small, rural town in the South, full of natural beauty, where everyone has a job. They go to a land-grant college and learns how to do the work reserved for them, the care and feeding of white people, with grace and good manners. Having race and class intersect, show how just because you’re colored doesn’t mean you in the lower class but it takes a lot of work sometimes.