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In the early 1790’s, two political parties arose. One were the Federalists, led by Alexander Hamilton, who acquired their name from the people who encouraged the adoption of the Constitution. The second were the Republicans led by Thomas Jefferson. Federalists wanted the United States to have a strong central government, a loose interpretation of the Constitution, and a manufacturing, trading, and shipping based economy. They also believe that only the wealthy and educated should participate in government. On the other hand, the Republicans preferred a weak central government with a stricter interpretation of the Constitution, an agricultural economy and wanted the public’s participation. Both political parties were concerned about the well-being of the nation unlike factions. Factions are organized political groups but many federalists and republicans thought they were selfish groups. The idea of strengthening the central government and the views on economy has convinced me why I would be Federalist during the 1790’s.Ideas of a strong central government shows a unified nation but a weak government causes chaos. For instance, Shay’s Rebellion is one prime example of why a weak central government is not ideal. In Massachusetts of August 1786, an economic depression occurred where crop prices lowered and many farmers couldn’t pay the tax. Eventually the state tried to withdraw the farms and a thousand angry farmers tried to seize arms from the state’s warehouse. Luckily the local militia showed up and the farmers were arrested before anyone was injured. Even though Shay’s plan didn’t follow through, it scared leading Americans and showed them that a stronger central government would provide protection against unrest. Unlike Shay’s Rebellion, the Whiskey Rebellion tested the new governments strength and power. The Whiskey Rebellion was when Congress put a tax on all whiskey made and sold in the United States. Many Farmers protested against the new taxes and refused to pay them. When the official tried to collect the tax, the farmers burned down the tax collector’s house and an angry mob marched through the streets of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. George Washington’s immediate response was sending 13,000 troops to march against the rebels. When the farmers heard that the troops were on their way, they quickly retreated but were later pardoned by the President. Washington’s forceful response showed people that armed rebellions were not tolerated in a republic and the strength of the new government.Every place in the world has two main sources of income from their country; manufacturing, shipping, and trading or agriculture. Manufacturing, shipping, and trading has more benefits such as creating more jobs and producing a variety of businesses and specialists. Trading is very helpful since many people can attain products that they cannot normally get in their region. Back then, you can trade on land and overseas with numerous amounts of countries and societies like Britain. The British purchased 75% of the United State’s products and supplied 90% of our imported goods. Trade constructs new ties to foreign nations which benefits the entire country. Agriculture limits the possibilities of trade and growth in the economy since everyone would have the same occupation. Before America, the thirteen colonies were successful in manufacturing, trading, and shipping especially the New England Colony because of their harbors. The Middle Colony developed an array of crafts industries they also used every resource available in order to create other materials. The only colony that could really survive on agriculture was the Southern Colony. They had the perfect location to grow crops but they had large plantations that had hundreds of enslaved Africans working on their farms daily. Not many people have a green thumb and are unable to sustain themselves with agriculture since location and sunlight is very important when farming. It’s better to become a manufacturing, trading, and shipping society since it is easier for location and provides a diverse amount of services. For the reasons of having a stronger central government and having a manufacturing, shipping, and trading economy I would have been a Federalist rather than a Republican in the 1790’s.


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