In ending of Jane’s life at Thornfield. The

In the novel Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte shares the life of an orphan girl named Jane. This novel is thought-provoking with intense and stange scenes that reflect on the novel as a whole. Being the strong protagonist women that she is, she isn’t broken down and never gives up on herself with the baggage and events that Jane struggles with her whole life. One singular scene that changes the course of Jane Eyre is in chapters 22-25 when Mr. Rochester’s secret in the attic is revealed to Jane. As the creepy woman rips her wedding veil; this marks the ending of Jane’s life at Thornfield. The wedding was just another thing to add to janes change in feelings. It adds to her feeling that Rochester and her are just too different than each other social wise.In the beginning of jane’s life at Thornfield, jane saves rochester from a spontaneous fire that occurs in his bedroom. She also begins to hear odd laughter and movements coming from above her bedroom. Rochester and the others inside Thornfield tell her that it is just Grace Poole. As time goes by, one evening Rochester confronts Jane in the gardens. He asks her to walk with him. After  Jane declares her love for Rochester, he asks her to be his wife and Jane accepts his proposal.. Now that Jane has accepted Rochester’s proposal, he tries to transform her into a queen-like bride and a grand object of affection. Rochester want jane to wear his family jewels, satin, lace, and priceless veils. Jane becomes worried that she will not be herself if she wears these things. She doesn’t want to change and turn into someone else because then Rochester may not enjoy her like he used to because she is so different. Rochester want to make Jane an angel and a pure beauty; Jane tells him that she just wants to be herself. A flaw has began to appear in Rochester way of showing his love. While he claims not to like women who shower themselves in riches, he tries to change jane to be that way.  Jane contends that if she endorsed his wants, he would soon become tired of her. Jane wants to keep both her independence and her personality.