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In his article “The Next Big Thing in Miami’s Contemporary Art Scene? Look No Further Than Turin,” author Declan Eytons discusses how Italian art has influenced the art scene of Miami.  One reason I chose to focus on this article is that, although I am interested in many forms of art and art from all over the world, I wanted to learn more about the art in places that I am familiar with, such as Miami.  As I read the article, I noticed that I was reading about artists from anywhere in the world but Miami.  Eytons does so to make Miami’s art inspired and worldly.        It was Eytons’s first few sentences that drew my attention: “A cocaine-snorting Donald Trump trapped inside Greek mythological figure Hydra of Lerna, surrounded by an army of cartoonish figures on a saliva-on-paper surface. Welcome inside the mind of Colombian artist Camilo Restrepo.”  This, in essence, is a true representation of contemporary art.  Contemporary art is meant to take the modern world and represent it in a way that forces the viewer to think outside the box, and to question the world around him.  NYU sources define contemporary art as “art (that) provides an opportunity to reflect on contemporary society and the issues relevant to ourselves, and the world around us.  “Welcome inside the mind of Colombian artist Camilo Restrepo,” Eyton continues, now introducing Columbia as another inspiration of Miami’s art scene.  Camilo Restrepo is a Medellín- based artist who focuses his work, as seen in the described painting Mera Calentura, on Colombia’s “war on drugs.”  His popularity is currently increasing in Miami, and his work was on display at the 2017 Untitled Miami Beach Art Fair.  However, Restrepo’s art is much more of a “hit” in Turin’s Artissima art showcase, and this makes sense, because Mera Calentura was Italian-inspired.  Eyton provides an interesting explanation for this as well: “‘Cause if in the world of pop culture the Golden Globes are considered to be indicative of who shall take home an Oscar, the Turin-based fair arguably fulfills that role within a contemporary art context before the hype eventually ensues in Miami.” 


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