In the minimum cut-off score, older profiles are

In the 30th Express Entry draw of Canada held on December 20th, a total of 2750 candidates with a minimum Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score of 446 were invited to apply for permanent residence. This is the fourth draw to be held under the tie-break procedure, after it was introduced in June 2017. Now many of you might be wondering what is the tie-break rule. The tie-break rule was introduced with an aim to manage the CRS and the invitation rounds better.  It is a method where candidates in the Express Entry pool with tied scores are ranked according to the date and time when they submitted their profile.

The older the better

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Though the CRS score of the candidate continues to be the most important factor that determines his/her ranking, the date and time of the submission of the profile is also considered while sending Invitations to Apply(ITAs). In the case of profiles with the minimum cut-off score, older profiles are given priority. That means if there are multiple candidates with the minimum cut-off score, those who have submitted their profiles before the date and time determined by the IRCC will be given priority. The cut-off date for the latest draw held on December 20 was October 2, 2017 at 14:56:53 UTC.

Things to remember

Even if a candidate updates or modifies his/her profile later, only the date and time when the profile was entered to the Express Entry pool will be considered for the Express Entry draw. For example, suppose a candidate submitted his/her profile on June 30, 2017. After some days, he/she updated the profile with a new educational achievement or language proficiency test results. The time stamp of the profile will still be June 30. 

But in case if the candidate deletes his/her profile and later re-enters the Express Entry pool with a completely new profile, the time stamp will be the date and time when he/she submitted the new profile. The date and time of the older profile will no longer be valid.

The candidates with a score higher than the minimum CRS score will be ranked higher, regardless of the time of the submission of their profile.                                                    


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