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     In November of 2013, Eminem released his final studio tape called the Marshall Mathers LP II. This entire album has been and will continue to be extremely influential dating back to the release date. Many look at Eminem as one of the greatest rappers ever. He also influenced the genre as a whole being one of the first successful white rappers. Due to his fame and success, this album is inevitably going to be listened to for years. The reasons for this derive from Eminem himself, the album cover art and also the intriguing lyrics and style.      The rapper was born in St. Joseph, Missouri and was given the name: Marshall Mathers III. In his early life, he moved frequently between Michigan and Missouri. He settled in Michigan as a teenager, the place where he discovered his talent. He started rap battles with one of his friends at high school for practice. The society in which he grew up was predominantly black and was not inclined to consider him a rapper. As he continued his work, he eventually proved that he was a legitimate rapper and joined some respectable rapper-groups. The most prestigious of the rap groups that Eminem was affiliated with was D-12. Following the release of his very first EP, Infinite, Eminem’s alter ego Slim Shady was born. He later would create the Slim Shady EP which opened many new and exciting doors for Eminem and kick started his career. He made a deal with the label: Interscope Records and met Dr. Dre, the man that later would become his mentor in the music industry. The first album he released while being signed to Interscope Records was the Slim Shady LP in 1999 before releasing the Marshall Mathers LP in late 2000. These two albums confirmed that Eminem was among the most popular and important artists during that time.     Come 2013, Eminem had impressively proved himself to the world as a white rapper and remains  among some of the best, period. The Marshall Mathers LP II made its mark in sales upon the release. It debuted at Number 1 on the Billboard Top 200 making the album his seventh Number 1 album in a row. It sold almost 800,000 copies in week one alone, making it the year’s second best week of sales. Its title comes from one of his very first tapes, the Marshall Mathers LP. It being his last album, he gives it the name Marshall Mathers LP II to represent the end to his musical career. The artwork on the covers of both of the albums is similar. The art on the Marshall Mathers LP II is his run-down house as a teenager in Detroit, Michigan. He ties his present to the past by including his old house as a teenager in the cover just like he did in many of the songs on his album. Family issues and a violent childhood plagued his early life and are what made him the figure that he is. Being a white man in a genre of music with mostly black people, he had no choice but to prove himself to the world and to find his way into the rap-spotlight. His success took him a lot more effort than it took other rappers to come up because people viewed him as a joke. He needed every aspect of the album to be perfect, starting with the album art which symbolizes the beginning of his rap career through to the end of it. Furthermore, it shows how a person can have fame and success after being of low income. This is because he rhymed about growing up in harsh conditions and actually making something of himself. Eminem hit rock bottom, was struggling to live comfortably and was later able to obtain unimaginable success. The songs in his albums express that.      Eminem has many different trademarks and styles within his tracks. He is known for his style of  using quick rhyming to describe violent scenarios. He is also known for singing with an angry tone. The album showcases all of his unique styles and he performed them better than anybody else at the time. His song: So Much Better is a prime example of his use of violent imagery to express the way he’s feeling. The song talks about his feelings of deep hatred toward somebody else and how he would obtain closure if they literally “dropped dead.” Eminem expresses this thought through the following lyrics: “life will be so much better if you dropped deadI was laying in bed last night thinkingAnd this thought just popped in my head and thoughtWouldn’t shit just be a lot easier if you dropped dead.”     Eminem uses a machine gun as a metaphor to take out all his problems that relate to the girl described in the song. Then he deeply showed his desire that she immediately has a heart attack and doesn’t make it out alive. He is well known for singing violent lyrics regarding gruesome death. In addition to the violence, the majority of his songs have a story behind them or an important lesson for the listener to discern.     His album contains multiple songs in which he expresses his impact on the rap game and the legacy he has and will continue to build. In the last verse of Bad Guy Eminem talks about being aware that his reign has come to an end. The realization was made evident when he said,”behold the final chapter in the saga.” Eminem believes that it is time to bring his successful career to a close. He does not want to turn into one of the rappers that tries to continue rapping once they are passed their prime.  He refuses to ruin the image and legacy that he has created by releasing subpar music. Furthermore, the tracks Rap God and Legacy describe the legacy that he leaves behind. He raps: “Cause if I wasn’t I wouldn’t be able to workWords like this and connect lines like crosswordsAnd use my enemy’s words as strengthTo try and draw from, and get inspired off emCause all my life I was told and taught I am not shit.” This excerpt talks about the ways in which he came up from having nothing and making something of himself. He grew up his whole life being told that he would never amount to anything and he proved them wrong by becoming one of the most influential artists of his time.      This controversial album is arguably one of the best rap albums ever released. Eminem utilizes all of his different styles and talent to formulate a masterpiece that left behind a permanent footprint on the rap world. By doing so, he established his legacy. He proved himself to everybody as one of the most important rappers of our time. He brought his own unique styles to the music industry and influenced many artists that came after him. He created opportunities for other white rappers to get their chance in the industry, too. He made his way up the ladder starting from a troubled youth with a  rough life to becoming a successful artist that left his mark indefinitely on rap culture. His creative and intense lyrics, violent imagery and his invaluable lessons are depicted perfectly on the album along with his rare style of rapping using fast rhyming and a strong, dominating voice. For obvious reasons, the Marshall Mathers LP II will never be forgotten and will continue to inspire future artists and individuals for a very long time.