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In the1930s racism was a common issue all over the United States of America, especially for the city of Maycomb,Alabama. Maycomb,Alabama was no not different than your average southern town in that era on the race issue. If anything, some might say that the city of Maycomb,Alabama had just as much, if not more, racism as any other town or state in the United States of America. They were even bias with how they raised their children. They had a different set of rules based on the gender of the children. Some people might argue that the rules for the girls were more strict than the rules for the boys. Although, most people in Maycomb,Alabama were prejudiced, Atticus was not. Atticus Finch believed in raising his children to look beyond skin color and treat everyone with kindness and equality. In the town of Maycomb,Alabama , racism was not just about skin color, it was also used for social standings. The more fortunate often down at the less fortunate. People’s racism extended into the court of law in that era. This was an unfortunate demise in the case of Tom Robinson who was a black man accused of raping a white woman. I believe racism was acceptable back in the 1930s; however, it is not acceptable during these modern times.The racism in Maycomb, Alabama was not very kind but some of them (white people) were kind and would help each other out, but the other white people would not help them they would only cause a fight or a scene. The colored people were no different from the white people,as far as, if one helped another one out,(white and colored people), then they would get called names and be looked down upon. So some of them (white people and colored people) kept to themselves and some did not.They raised their children very biased. One example, is that the girls were raised with stricter rules than the boys were. For example, the girls were not allowed to wear shorts, pants,or boy clothes. If the girls wore any of those things, than they were looked down upon. Also, the girls were not allowed to get their clothes dirty or filthy. The boys rules were not as strict; however, they were properly taught manners, as well as, how to treat a lady.The way of life, back then, was prejudiced and superstitious for some people; however, for Atticus Finch, these beliefs were not true. Atticus was more of a level-headed intellectual, and he raised his children with his beliefs,ideals , and values; therefore that is why his son, Jem, and his daughter, Scout, were soopen and curious about Boo Radley. When Atticus found out that they were so curious, he told them that it was not appropriate to peek at Boo Radley. When Boo Radley saw them looking , he was just as inquisitive about them as they were about them. Atticus also taught them that being fair and just was the way to treat other people, no matter their skin color.Not only were some of the people prejudice against  black people, but some people were against others because of their social standings. For example, the Cunninghams were poor and unprevailing, and Scout’s aunt looked down on them because of their lack of success and resources. This was why she did not want Scout to play with Walter, who was the son of the Cunningham family. The Cunningham family did not have any money,so they paid by using their food and this was, yet, another reason why the Cunninghams were looked down upon.After the trial, Jem, did not understand how unjust and unfair the jury had been towards Tom Robinson. Tom Robinson was a black man accused  of raping a white woman. After all, they did not have any evidence of the rape of Mayella,which was the young white woman. Atticus had brought him, Jem, up to see the person, and was not taught to be a racist. Jem had been taught to not see color or creed. He did not quite comprehend how other people could be so cruel, hateful, and malicious. In conclusion and in my own personal opinion, the racism in Maycomb, Alabama, was horrid and horrendous. I believe they should have treated everyone equally, especially the when it came to the children. They also should not have looked down on people even if they had less belongings and resources than others. I believe Atticus Finch had raised his children with good morals and values that skin color, social status, and disabilities should not matter. Justice and fairness are not always served right even if someone is able to prove their innocence or guilt in the court of law by using modern technology and scientific evidence. In the 1930s, this modern technology was not available to them, so they relied on biased beliefs and accusations in order to “prove” a person’s innocence or guilt; thus, giving the jury more power to decide a person’s fate or demise. I do not believe the city of Maycomb,Alabama changed for the better after the trial of Tom Robinson.I believe that the Tom Robinson trial may have opened some people’s eyes;however it has taking decade of people, such as Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Junior, battling for basic human rights that have always been afforded to the whites. Although there is still racism throughout the world, it is nothing like it used to be and I am glad for that.